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A few great Valentines Day date ideas for single women will be easier to find if you think about what you enjoy to do and plan this day around those activities. If you are newly single, there are a couple of good ideas for a Valentine’s date that will not make you feel uncomfortable, but may end with a great relationship with a man.

This is a day that can be very depressing for divorced women, especially if it is your first Valentines day alone. If you are uncomfortable with the idea of dating or meeting new people on your own, there are ways to develop new friendships in a way that will not make you feel awkward.

Planning activities with a group of friends is one of the good ideas for a Valentine’s date that will be fun and give you an opportunity to meet new people. There are a lot of people who will be alone on this special day and you can bring together your friends, and their friends, to enjoy a party or mixer that will create a comfortable and easy way to meet new people and gain confidence in your ability to create a fun environment for people to meet each other.

A Valentine themed party gives you the opportunity to be creative, make foods that reflect the day and decorate your home. If you are going to prepare all of the food, focus on easy dishes such as finger foods. Many people have mixers that invite guests to bring their favorite dessert and have great dessert parties with music, dancing and chatting with new and old friends.

A wonderful way to add a romantic Valentine’s Day gift that will be enjoyed by all is to include desserts that include triple-chocolate cake with a rum based filling, chocolate covered strawberries, or heart shaped cakes and candies.

More great Valentines Day date ideas for single women are found in attending events with a few friends on this day. The opera, theatre, or dance clubs is a wonderful way to get to know people who share your interests. When you attend these events with a few friends, you are not required to be the center of conversations and can participate when you feel confident and comfortable with meeting and talking to men.

A night out with friends is a great way to meet people and gives you the opportunity to learn how to communicate in an environment that is not stressful or awkward. When you connect with someone, it is very easy to make arrangements to meet again at a later date.

When you are looking for Valentines Day date ideas for single women, discussing what your single friends do on this day will often be helpful. People who have been single for a long time normally have a favorite event or party that they attend. Or, they have ideas for a great party or activity. It is important to spend time involved in an activity that will keep you busy and occupied on the day will help you to become more empowered and gain confidence when meeting new people.

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Jerash – XXIX: Artemis’ Temple
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Image by egisto.sani
Although the small dimensions of the temple, the Corinthian columns soar impressively from the hilltop site. The building had a hexastyle portico with twelve columns, of which eleven are still standing. Corinthian capitals decorating the columns are very well preserved. The temple walls had three entrances decorated with three Corinthian pilasters. The building, in its present form, dates back to 150 AD.
The temple occupies a key position in the city rebuilding undergone under Hadrian and Antoninus Pius.
The well-preserved archaeological state of the ancient Jerash permits reasonable speculation about the importance of high philosophical ideas for its urban forms.
The overall planning of the city, especially the new extension begun after Hadrian’s visit in the winter of 128/9, reveals a precise geometrical and astronomical conception. Moreover, some of the buildings erected in the Antonine period, such as the temples of Artemis and Zeus and the South Theatre, show signs of a sophisticated geometrical design.
The point where the arch of Hadrian was built fixes the starting point of the line which, running parallel to the stadium walls, crossed the Temple of Artemis in the direction of the pole star.
Thus the relative position of three of the most important buildings of the city was directly related to the constellations of the universe.

Source: E. Thomas, Monumentality and the Roman Empire – Architecture in the Antonine Age

Artemis Temple
150 AD
Gerasa, Jordan

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