Simple Yet Effective Romantic Date Ideas

Dating is nerve racking without the supplementary strain of consistently coming up with new, innovative & romantic date ideas. If you’re married it could be even more complicated, because the 2 of you have settled into a routine. So you must be wondering how to spend some good time alone? Well, the key to a fruitful romantic date night is to pay attention to your date & to the romantic details. Few small things can bring her very close towards you.

Nothing romantic like a banquet right at your table. This dinner should be arranged by none other than you for it to be especially amorous. Go all out. Lighten up the candles. Serve your finest dishes. Put flowers in an attractive container on the dining table. Take a bath & put on your finest outfits. Also, ensure you smell good. A bottle of wine is great if your partner like it. Don’t tell your partner ahead of time. Keep it as a surprise, but tell her to dress up something romantic. Have some light music playing in the backdrop. Write her a note telling her how special she is and what she means in your life. Though this’ll take some planning, but it’s well worth the effort.

A picnic could be a good option as well. Though a picnic is old fashioned, but if planned properly it can be one of the best romantic ideas to employ. Your picnic doesn’t have to be fancy. You can simply plan your location. A location by the water is always great. Ensure that there’s adequate privacy for the 2 of you. Don’t forget to bring a mat to sit on. Sitting on the ground is undoubtedly much more amorous compared to sitting at a picnic bench.

Romance doesn’t need to be pricey every time. Simple & sweet say a lot more regarding your character than you possibly realize. Your genuine efforts to be amorous won’t go unnoticed. Your lovable thoughtfulness will speak louder than you.

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Image by Miradortigre
Stone and water in the Vals Thermes by Peter Zumthor Architect

Interior de las Termas de Vals, del maestro arquitecto Peter Zumthor

Peter Zumthor designed the spa/baths which opened in 1996 to pre date the existing hotel complex. The idea was to create a form of cave or quarry like structure. Working with the natural surroundings the bath rooms lay below a grass roof structure half buried into the hillside. The Therme Vals is built from layer upon layer of locally quarried Valser Quarzite slabs. This stone became the driving inspiration for the design, and is used with great dignity and respect.

“Mountain, stone, water – building in the stone, building with the stone, into the mountain, building out of the mountain, being inside the mountain – how can the implications and the sensuality of the association of these words be interpreted, architecturally?” Peter Zumthor