3 Perfect First Dates Ideas for Building Attraction

Your first date with a woman is one of the most important steps towards build attraction.

Without mutual attraction and interest, you’ll have little chance of going on a future date or building a relationship.

That’s why it’s vital that you take her to right place on your first date.

Now the one mistake guys make is to appear too overeager by brining women to fancy restaurant or buying her expensive gifts.

By doing this, you’re only setting an uncomfortable situation. In addition it does nothing to build attraction.

So to have a great first date where you can build attraction, you should think of places which can provide memorable and fun time. In short you want to go to place where you can establish an emotional and physical connection. Then if you enjoy your date, then you plan a second date which is more traditional- like taking her to a restaurant.

If you’re stuck with where to go, then you can use the three first date ideas I’ve included below:

Perfect First Date Idea #1- Meet for drinks or coffee

Although meeting her for drinks or coffee is a typical idea used by many guys, it still provides an effective environment for getting to know a woman.

When you meet at a place like this, you’ll be able to talk n a casual manner without the feeling of pressure like you would at restaurant.

In addition at a bar or coffee shop, you’ll be in close proximity to one another which alls you to establish physical contact. So you’ll be able to flirt and do things to build attraction.

Perfect First Date Idea #2- Play games

Another great place for a first date is a place where you can enjoy playful games like a video arcade, pool hall, miniature golf, or the boardwalk.

What’s great about this idea is you’re easing the tension which often happens on the first date. You can enjoy yourself while playfully competing with this woman.

Perfect First Date Idea #3- Get physical

The final first date is to do something which involves engaging in a physical activity. This could be hiking, ice skating or rollerblading.

This is an incredible way to have fun while figuring out if she has an adventurous attitude.

These three first date ideas can be an excellent way to build attraction and rapport. They all provide a fun while avoiding the pressures of the dates which seem more like job interview.

All you have to do is keep things low key and fun. Then you use the fun experience to build towards a second date and quite possibly a long term relationship.

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Log House 2
date ideas
Image by Universal Pops (David)
Thank you for your views and comments; they are very much appreciated.

[This is one of 5 images] This abandoned log house had some very serious issues; image 5 shows how the right wall has buckled and split, and image 4 shows either a replacement wall or one built this way out of necessity. The bottom of the front door is flush with the ground, and the bottoms of the two lower front windows are no more 2 feet from the ground. Also the placement of windows in the front façade is irregular I didn’t know that people painted log homes. I have no idea of the date or any history regarding this building except that this is definitely vernacular architecture. Taken June, 2011—I’ve not passed by this house since then and don’t know if the building is still standing. Located near Chase City, Mecklenburg County, Virginia.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. If you use this image on your web site, you need to provide a link to this photo.

Romantic Date Ideas Any Guy Can Do

There are men who fall short of romantic date ideas thus they find it hard to plan a special date. Somehow these men lack the inspiration to come up with a successful romantic date. If you are faced in this kind of dilemma, then you may find this article very useful. We have provided in here some ideas which will surely make you a lady’s man. The good thing about this, you can prepare and plan the date all by yourself. You do not need the assistance of a first date planner to get things done for you.

Your girl will find it very romantic if you prepare a candle-lit dinner in your place. Girls love men who can cook for them. A quiet and romantic dinner date is on top of the list of every girl’s romantic date ideas. Make sure that you find out your date’s favourite dish and prepare it for her. You can combine it with her favourite bottle of wine and her favourite music too.

Now if you are not skilled with cooking, then you may want to have a dinner at her favourite fancy restaurant. The quiet ambiance in the restaurant will give you the opportunity to get to know each other better because you can talk to one another. Aside from that, you have given her the impression that you are willing to spend time, effort and even money just to make her happy. Since you were the one who planned everything, then you should pay for the bill too. When you see your date having a great time, then it will be all worth the effort.

If you are located in a country or place where the weather is warm, another romantic date would be a dinner at the beach. Prepare a picnic-type dinner complete with blanket and the picnic basket. While enjoying the food that you have prepared, you can also do stargazing. This seems to be a very simple kind of dinner date but you and your girl would enjoy talking under the moonlight.

Normally, a dinner and movie date is not at all romantic. However, if it will be in your place then you can get cozy on the couch as you enjoy watching a romantic movie together. You have more privacy and there will be fewer interruptions too. Aside from that, you can also play back the movie scene that you have missed when you stole a kiss from her.

Make her feel like she is a princess by riding a horse-drawn carriage through the park. You will both enjoy the scenic view as you ride around the park. This may seem too old fashioned, but girls love it this way! Beautiful princesses rode a horse-drawn carriage in all the children’s storybook. This kind of romantic date will make her feel like she just stepped out of her favourite fairy tale.

Every macho guy has his own romantic side that he might not be aware of until he is able to plan a special date. Some guys may lack the romantic flair but given the right motivation, he can be a romantic dude too. Giving flowers would definitely melt her heart. A little sweet gesture may spark into something big that would indicate that these romantic date ideas are indeed successful.

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Day 225: Mystery
date ideas
Image by ♥KatB Photography♥
January 7, 2010
I’m not exactly sure how I managed to get to this point but I did. I started off with one idea but it didn’t really work out. I wasn’t liking how I looked (since I had, again, just rolled out of bed) and the sheet was all crinkly. I need to iron it today…

So I decided to give this a go. I remember seeing it done at least once while surfing flickr, I’m sure it’s been done tons of times. It’s not very original or creative but it’ll do. I’m just in a meh mood today. It’s cold and I feel icky and tired. I have to pack everything up tonight as mom and I are hitting the road tomorrow for Illinois. Not sure if I’m excited about it or dreading it. Hopefully I can still get a decent picture tomorrow…I doubt it but I’ll try.

I’m off to take a shower and get packing. Hope everyone is doing well!

View on BLACK it looks pretty sweet 😀
View on WHITE it makes it look more sifi!

EDIT: OMG…I just learned that my bear picture made it to explore but was dropped. The date it gives me is July 8, 2009 and was #492. I don’t know what dropped means, must have just been old or something? But it’s strange to know I made explore without knowing it until now……

TRF: Only 9 days until Garry’s 22nd birthday and 19 until my 19th!

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Romantic Ideas for Romantic Dates

Sometimes it can be hard to find a great romantic date or think of great romantic ideas. Valentine’s Day is only once a year and then there are certainly expectations, however, the rest of the year can be just as important. The good news is that if you get just a few hints and tips you can be filled with romantic ideas to please your wife.

A great idea is to not limit your thought of a romantic date to a several hour or one night event. You can make it a great weekend getaway and there are boundless options. You can drive out to a quick getaway out of town or try out a special bed and breakfast or resort. If you can’t make a weekend out of it, just drive out for a day trip to someplace new.

A simple change to the tried and true classics and romantic dates can quickly turn worn out dates into romantic wonders. Instead of going out for dinner and drinks in the same city you always do, go to the next closest big city. New restaurants, new sights and a new atmosphere is a sure bet for a romantic date. These create great shared memories and experiences and inject excitement into the relationship.

More romantic date ideas can always be found close to home though. With a little effort you can find many different, new romantic ideas that you never realized. Trips to museums, parks, new restaurants, local fairs and events and anything else along those lines are great for romantic dates.

Other small touches can go a long way to turning just another night into a memorable romantic date. Buying flowers for your wife when they aren’t expected is always a great romantic gesture. You can rent out a limo for a night and go out on the town as if it was your prom all over again. Small changes like these are unexpected and can easily impress.

The typical date ideas everybody knows about and everybody tries have been around for a long time for a reason. Some might seem boring, but taking them to another level is a great romantic date idea. Go for a candle lit dinner, except rent out an entire section of the restaurant. Or cook up a romantic feast at your home and do all of the work – with candles through the house (be safe, though).

Romantic date ideas can come at any time and any place. They don’t have to be reserved for a weekend or a once a month affair, the more the better. The more of these romantic date ideas you use, the more your love will be affectionately drawn towards you.

Nick Lombardi is a life coach and a relationship coach who specializes in helping husbands rekindle the passion in their marriages. To discover how to spark romance and passion in your marriage , visit http://www.IgniteHerPassion.com

情定I Love You
date ideas
Image by 神鵰俠侶之隆兒與樂兒 Lung Er & Le Er
這裡是新北市三重區幸福水漾公園內的情定I Love You 區…很多結婚照多在這裡拍….大犬與小犬多不配合只有架腳架拍先拍ㄧ張回去做框在拍ㄧ次
One of my Flickr friends from China, Samahaha would like to surprise his girlfriend by collecting 30 photos (or more) from different cities. Each photo contains a message of " Hu, Wenting, I love you" and a local landmark building or unique natural landscape. I think this is a brilliant idea and heart-warming project. This is the shot for his project. If you are interested in this project, please leave a message here or contact with him directly : 542237257@qq.com. The due date is March 31st, 2013. Looking forward to your participation!
來自中國湖北的一位網友,胡博陽,想要在他與女朋友認識100天時,給他女朋友一個驚喜,方式是蒐集來自全球各地30個(或以上)的城市地標或自然風 景的照片,上面有「胡文婷,我愛你」的字樣。我覺得這真是個很溫馨的計畫,所以想要協助他完成這個夢想,希望各位福利課的大大們,能夠一起協助他。截 稿日期是2013年3月31日,如果您有時間想要共襄盛舉,請在此留下訊息,或是直接與胡博陽聯絡 542237257@qq.com!

Romantic Date Ideas that Get You a Kiss and More

Everyone needs a good list of romantic date ideas every once in a while. Well, today is your lucky day because I’m dishing out a plethora of some of the most romantic date ideas I have ever encountered. If you have you ever tried to impress someone with a spectacular date, but failed to get a kiss or another date out of it, there must have been something you missed. A lot of dates are easily forgotten, but the really memorable ones are kept forever. Yes, you may stumble on a few romantic date ideas during your lifetime, but those romantic date ideas that really count will have to be the ones that lead to relationships, or at least a kiss.

Here’s a secret that you need to know before you start dating: the most romantic date ideas are the ones that inflame the senses and the imagination. When you manage to excite your date and make him or her feel something for you during your date, you’re one step closer to becoming the guy or the girl for the person. Your objective is to heighten his or her senses during the different aspects of the date. And, here are some tips.

1. Dine out

Choose a comfortable sit-down dinner place where the food is outstandingly great and the wine is awesome. If you’re driving and don’t want to drink, have the “great wine” option available in case your date wants to enjoy a great glass of wine. Perhaps you want to order a few house specialties and sample these together. Many people talk about their great experiences at various restaurants. Taking your date to such a great place will give you something to talk about later in your relationship. It builds memories.

2. Awesome entertainment

Among the best romantic date ideas that you will find over the net and in books are those that teach what to do to make the date fun. Music and dancing spruce up your date and increase the chances that you will have a second one. Go to a jazz club or a music lounge and sing along. You can also go dancing with your date in a place where most couples go to slow dance. A club is not a good idea if you’re looking for privacy and an environment to talk to each other heart-to-heart.

3. Romantic Location

Setting up a romantic environment for your date certainly invites her emotional senses and is so key to most women. Remember that they are used to romantic movies or romance novels and they associate sunsets, a remote beach and a kiss under the stars with the ultimate romantic experience. You may not be able to provide her with the full romantic fairytale date you are certainly able to implement one aspect of such a romantic date each time. Over time and as you get to know her you’ll be able to easily create dates that rock her world and set you apart from everyone else.

Chaszey Sandhriel is a renowned expert in the area of love relationships; go to her site to download your free 7-day online dating e-course . She?s also the author of a one-of-a-kind love blog giving tips about how to find true love.

N49: Stellar Debris in the Large Magellanic Cloud
date ideas
Image by Smithsonian Institution
Description: In Chandra’s X-ray data, N49 shows million-degree gas in its center (blue), while Spitzer reveals much cooler, infrared-emitting gas at the remnant’s outer regions (red). Unique filamentary structure observed in optical light by Hubble (white & yellow) sets N49 apart from most other supernova remnants that appear roughly circular in visible light. When the multiwavelength data is combined, it appears to confirm the idea that this supernova remnant is expanding into a denser region to the southeast, which would cause its asymmetrical shape.

Creator/Photographer: Chandra X-ray Observatory

NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory, which was launched and deployed by Space Shuttle Columbia on July 23, 1999, is the most sophisticated X-ray observatory built to date. The mirrors on Chandra are the largest, most precisely shaped and aligned, and smoothest mirrors ever constructed. Chandra is helping scientists better understand the hot, turbulent regions of space and answer fundamental questions about origin, evolution, and destiny of the Universe. The images Chandra makes are twenty-five times sharper than the best previous X-ray telescope. NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala., manages the Chandra program for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate in Washington. The Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory controls Chandra science and flight operations from the Chandra X-ray Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Medium: Chandra telescope x-ray

Date: 2001

Persistent URL: chandra.harvard.edu/photo/2006/n49/

Repository: Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory

Collection: Supernovas and Supernova Remnants Collection

Gift line: X-ray: NASA/CXC/Caltech/S.Kulkarni et al.; Optical: NASA/STScI/UIUC/Y.H.Chu & R.Williams et al.; IR: NASA/JPL-Caltech/R.Gehrz et al.

Accession number: n49

Valentines Day Date Ideas For Women – Your Fun Valentine

A few great Valentines Day date ideas for single women will be easier to find if you think about what you enjoy to do and plan this day around those activities. If you are newly single, there are a couple of good ideas for a Valentine’s date that will not make you feel uncomfortable, but may end with a great relationship with a man.

This is a day that can be very depressing for divorced women, especially if it is your first Valentines day alone. If you are uncomfortable with the idea of dating or meeting new people on your own, there are ways to develop new friendships in a way that will not make you feel awkward.

Planning activities with a group of friends is one of the good ideas for a Valentine’s date that will be fun and give you an opportunity to meet new people. There are a lot of people who will be alone on this special day and you can bring together your friends, and their friends, to enjoy a party or mixer that will create a comfortable and easy way to meet new people and gain confidence in your ability to create a fun environment for people to meet each other.

A Valentine themed party gives you the opportunity to be creative, make foods that reflect the day and decorate your home. If you are going to prepare all of the food, focus on easy dishes such as finger foods. Many people have mixers that invite guests to bring their favorite dessert and have great dessert parties with music, dancing and chatting with new and old friends.

A wonderful way to add a romantic Valentine’s Day gift that will be enjoyed by all is to include desserts that include triple-chocolate cake with a rum based filling, chocolate covered strawberries, or heart shaped cakes and candies.

More great Valentines Day date ideas for single women are found in attending events with a few friends on this day. The opera, theatre, or dance clubs is a wonderful way to get to know people who share your interests. When you attend these events with a few friends, you are not required to be the center of conversations and can participate when you feel confident and comfortable with meeting and talking to men.

A night out with friends is a great way to meet people and gives you the opportunity to learn how to communicate in an environment that is not stressful or awkward. When you connect with someone, it is very easy to make arrangements to meet again at a later date.

When you are looking for Valentines Day date ideas for single women, discussing what your single friends do on this day will often be helpful. People who have been single for a long time normally have a favorite event or party that they attend. Or, they have ideas for a great party or activity. It is important to spend time involved in an activity that will keep you busy and occupied on the day will help you to become more empowered and gain confidence when meeting new people.

Searching all over for fab Valentines Day date ideas for single women? Get the low down instantly in our guide to all you need to know about good ideas for a valentines date .

Jerash – XXIX: Artemis’ Temple
date ideas
Image by egisto.sani
Although the small dimensions of the temple, the Corinthian columns soar impressively from the hilltop site. The building had a hexastyle portico with twelve columns, of which eleven are still standing. Corinthian capitals decorating the columns are very well preserved. The temple walls had three entrances decorated with three Corinthian pilasters. The building, in its present form, dates back to 150 AD.
The temple occupies a key position in the city rebuilding undergone under Hadrian and Antoninus Pius.
The well-preserved archaeological state of the ancient Jerash permits reasonable speculation about the importance of high philosophical ideas for its urban forms.
The overall planning of the city, especially the new extension begun after Hadrian’s visit in the winter of 128/9, reveals a precise geometrical and astronomical conception. Moreover, some of the buildings erected in the Antonine period, such as the temples of Artemis and Zeus and the South Theatre, show signs of a sophisticated geometrical design.
The point where the arch of Hadrian was built fixes the starting point of the line which, running parallel to the stadium walls, crossed the Temple of Artemis in the direction of the pole star.
Thus the relative position of three of the most important buildings of the city was directly related to the constellations of the universe.

Source: E. Thomas, Monumentality and the Roman Empire – Architecture in the Antonine Age

Artemis Temple
150 AD
Gerasa, Jordan

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Cute Date Ideas

Are you sick and tired of the same old boring dates? Here are some dating ideas you can use to spice up your dating life instead of keeping it mundane and lifeless. Now you can finally look forward to having a fun-filled date with the person you always loved.

1) Take a romantic flight into the night, armed with a bottle of champagne, some roses and chocolate fondue and voila, you are on your way to impress that special someone.

2) If you are the ever so traditional guy who only knows how to splurge on overrated flowers like roses, learn to do new surprises to keep your date excited about what is coming next. Being mysterious is not the way to go, but rather have a backup of different ideas during a date to continually surprise your date. Write notes, poems or even little cards which girls love. Coupled with a box of chocolates and a song dedicated to her, you may well be on your way to spending the rest of your life with her.

3) Is your loved one passionate about love songs? How about compiling some of the favourite love songs of your loved one into a CD and passing it to her during your date? Now the next time she listens to that CD, she would be thinking of you and remembering the good times during your dates.

4) Cook up a storm and invite your date over for a candle light dinner. Prepare some great dishes and make it as if she was at a five-star restaurant. Make that dinner as memorable as possible, with good food, good music, and good ambience. Also with such a romantic setting, why not ask her for a dance as well? You may not be Elvis Presley in real life, but you can certainly be one to her.

5) Another alternative if you are able to spend big bucks is to book a hotel with a breathtaking view and fill the entire room with balloons and crank up the music while calling for room service.

6) However, if you are someone with holes in your pockets, fret not. Just as comparable to fine dining in a 5 star restaurant, you can prepare sandwiches for a picnic in the park. Yes, the setting may be very different, but there are plenty of activities you can do in a park-date. You can fly a kite, roller-skate together, or you can simple sit down to have a chat while enjoying the breeze.

To have a fun-filled date is not just about having money but rather, it is about having creativity. Surprise your partner and have good ideas for dates to perk her up. The trick to having a successful date is to be as cheesy as possible but it does not mean that no planning is needed. An unplanned date would most probably end up in the dumps and cause an argument instead of allowing both of you to enjoy yourselves. So get working and start planning for your next date.

Michael Dat is an expert dating advisor. Find out how most guys mess up their first date, visit http://www.datingquestionsformen.com

date ideas
Image by ☻☺
Theme : Colour
Aperture : f1.2
Shutter Speed: 1/3000s
ISO : 200
Mode : Aperture Priority

What i tried to do was place the colourful body of the toy with the
white background, and his witesh head with the blurred colourful
background. Sunlight was coming in from the right so i would
getting nice shading on the face and i thought that would give
nice depth to it. It was hard to get it sharp and took me 3-4
goes before i got the sharpness in the tip of the nose
at an acceptable level.

I still used low saturation because with high saturation, the colours were
coming out quite bright, but looking a bit unnatural… using low saturation
gave it a nice soft feel…

I liked the multicoloured toy … had a nice blend of colours…don’t know
about the green hat though… not quite bright enough… would have liked to have
brought out the green a bit more…

I know the deal is "only one photo" … but i have included my preferred
cropped version… i like the cropped one better as the background is really just
a hazy blue, yellow and red… 🙂 so i am actually putting my cropped one as
my "one image" forward… the whole picture is to give you an idea of the surroundings…


EXIF tags in ‘IMGP8875.jpg’ (‘Motorola’ byte order):
Tag |Value
Manufacturer |PENTAX Corporation
Model |PENTAX K100D
Orientation |top – left
x-Resolution |72.00
y-Resolution |72.00
Resolution Unit |Inch
Software |PENTAX PHOTO Browser Ver. 3.00
Date and Time |2007:07:14 22:13:25
YCbCr Positioning |co-sited
InterColorProfile |
Compression |JPEG compression
x-Resolution |72.00
y-Resolution |72.00
Resolution Unit |Inch
Exposure Time |1/3000 sec.
FNumber |f/1.2
ExposureProgram |Aperture priority
ISO Speed Ratings |200
Exif Version |Exif Version 2.21
Date and Time (origi|2007:07:14 12:58:29
Date and Time (digit|2007:07:14 12:58:29
ComponentsConfigurat|reserved reserved reserved reserved
Exposure Bias |0.0
Metering Mode |Center-Weighted Average
Flash |Flash did not fire, compulsatory flash mode.
Focal Length |0.0 mm
Maker Note |31807 bytes unknown data
FlashPixVersion |FlashPix Version 1.0
Color Space |sRGB
PixelXDimension |3008
PixelYDimension |2000
Sensing Method |One-chip color area sensor
File Source |DSC
Scene Type |
Custom Rendered |Normal process
Exposure Mode |Auto exposure
White Balance |Auto white balance
Focal Length In 35mm|0
Scene Capture Type |Standard
Contrast |Hard
Saturation |Low saturation
Sharpness |Hard
Subject Distance Ran|Distant view

Ideas for a Great Date

Dating can be a lot of fun but it can also be quite boring if you just do the same thing over and over again. Perhaps you have hit a dating rut and you just need some ideas that will liven up your dates and make you look forward to them again. It’s normal to get stuck in these ruts and just do what is comfortable, but it can also be a lot of fun to change things up a bit from time to time.

Of course, when you are thinking about where to go on a date you may need to think about the person that you will be going with. Some people are more refined and conservative while others are up for adventure. Just be sure that you know the kind of person that you are dating and what they would enjoy before making any extreme dating plans.

Fun Date Ideas

A class date, but one that many forget about, is miniature golf. Miniature golf is a lot of fun because it can help to break the ice on a first date. Everyone looks silly when they play miniature golf and most of us aren’t that great. This will get both of you laughing and you’ll find that this can easily segue into a great date including dinner and a movie. Miniature golf is always a lot of fun, so why not make it a part of your date?

Another great idea if you are going on a date with someone who is adventurous is a ROPES course. This is sort of like an obstacle course for adults that is challenging but also a lot of fun. You can compete against one another or you can do it together. This is a great date option when you know that both of you are into physical challenges. If you aren’t sure about the physicality of your date, this may be something that you want to pass on.

There are a lot of arcade type places that are meant just for adults. These venues often serve food and drinks and offer up all of the fun games that you could want. Think Chuck E. Cheese for adults! This can be a really fun way to spend your time and money on a date, and being in such a place will return you to your childhood, doing away with those awkward date moments!

Why not go bowling for a first date? Even if both of you are terrible this can be fun, in fact you may have more fun if you are both awful bowlers because you’ll get laughing and you won’t be able to stop. Many great dates have started at a bowling alley, so don’t be afraid to take your date out, but on some funny looking shoes, and toss a few bowling balls!

Rodrigo Rehn is a Linux Systems Administrator, Web Programmer, PHP Developer and CEO of FaceRomance online dating services.

Robert Goddard with his Double Acting Engine Rocket in 1925
date ideas
Image by NASA on The Commons
Full Description: Dr. Robert H. Goddard with his complete rocket with the double- acting engine in November 1925, following more than two years of pump development based on the idea of a separate pump for each propellant. Dr. Goddard made an important change in his pump technique by combining both pumps into a single double acting unit. Though gas pressure, rather than pumps, was used on his first successful liquid-propellant rocket shot of March 16, 1926, the idea of combining both pumps into a single unit led to a successful solution of the pump problem and hence marked a significant advance.

Identifier GPN-2002-000139
Date: Circa 1925

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Finding Good First Date Gift Ideas for Her

First dates are usually full of excitement and thrills. Excitement of finally having the time to know the person you think would be someone interesting, and thrill of what the date would turn out. It may turn out successful, which means you will both end up interested to meet again for another date, or it may be just something for the first date only.

Men might think about bringing her a gift because he wants to impress her, or he wants to show her his appreciation of going out with him. However, be careful on any first date gift ideas you have in mind. Do not go overboard to please the person on the first date. I for one, find some gifts may be too much for a first date and it can become a major turnoff. Imagine a guy giving you jewelry on the first date – nah, it might give a wrong signal to the woman.

So if you are looking for some first date gift ideas, you can settle with the simplest. Here are some tips that might help.

1. Flowers. Flowers are the safest and most appreciated gift you can ever bring to a woman on the first date. It could mean a ‘thank you’ for accepting the invitation, or an appreciation of being able to spend the time with the person. Flowers are indeed well appreciated.

2. Something to Munch. Whether you are spending the first date on some adventurous activities outdoors or a dinner date, you can bring her a box of cookies or chocolates. It could also be a great rescue when conversations run dry and even a great conversation starter if you want to know each other’s likes.

3. Tickets for an Event. This applies if you already have an idea of the woman you want to date with. If you have known her for some time but never had the chance to date her and you strongly feel that you want to date her again, you can bring along tickets to a concert or a show or a sporting event, whatever you think that she would love watching with you. This is also best given at the end of the date, after you have determined that you really want to spend another time with her.

4. Avoid expensive and personal gifts. If you are indeed looking for first date gift ideas, forget about the expensive and personal gifts. This may be common sense but you have to remember that extravagant gifts and personal things are a no-no for a woman on the first date. Save that jewelry for the engagement party, and save those lingerie for your honeymoon. First dates should be getting-to-know stage and giving her something expensive or something too personal may not be a good start to know a woman.

5. The best gift a woman would want to receive on the first date is knowing you. Of course, she went out with you because she wants to know more about you. She wants to know your thoughts and beliefs in life, what you are as a person, and like you, she is also trying to find out if you are a perfect match for her, so if you really want to impress her, forget about the first date gift ideas you have in mind. Present yourself nicely, make sure you are a gentleman, and most importantly, be a good listener.

Carolyn Anderson has made several book reviews of love and romance books. To learn more about making creative dates, check out 300 Creative Dates. Also check out How To Be A Lady Killer, where you can find seduction techniques for your woman.

“Limited Edition Prints by Damien Hirst: Thr-ser, 2012 (1-inch woodcut spot)” / Paragon Press / Art Basel Hong Kong 2013 / SML.20130523.EOSM.04002.SQ
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Image by See-ming Lee 李思明 SML
Woodcut spots from Damien Hirst. This series need no introduction. Each print is an abstract representation of a biochemical compound, expressed as a spot color from circular wood cuts.

It is hard for me to talk about Damien Hirst. On the one hand, I see a gifted and very talented artist who produces brilliant works. On the other, an artist-turned-factory who has become so commercialized that he would need to come up with all kinds of methods to pump up works to please the high demands for his work.

Andy Warhol likes to say that “making money is art, and working is art and good business is the best art.” But I tend to have a problem with art created purely to make money. Mondrian’s early works are brilliant and full of ideas, but the Mondrian after he has becoming the darling of his times left little to be desired.

These “limited edition prints” is probably the worse of this trend—making quick bucks in the art market, each asking approximately four-thousand pounds on today’s market. I have no doubt that these works are key to supporting the artist’s livelihood and thus allows him to be the richest living artist in Britain.

Art to me is pure magic, but in these works I see nothing but a money-making machine disguised as something fine but has no soul except the greed within.

Damien Hirst
Thr-ser (1-inch woodcut spot)
55 editions
Hand signed and numbered

A series of woodcut printed on 410 gsm Somerset White textured paper. Signed by the artist on the front and numbered on the reverse in an edition of 55.

# Damien Hirst

Damien Steven Hirst (born 7 June 1965) is an English artist, entrepreneur and art collector. He is the most prominent member of the group known as the Young British Artists (or YBAs), who dominated the art scene in Britain during the 1990s. He is internationally renowned, and is reportedly Britain’s richest living artist, with his wealth valued at £215m in the 2010 Sunday Times Rich List. During the 1990s his career was closely linked with the collector Charles Saatchi, but increasing frictions came to a head in 2003 and the relationship ended.


# Paragon Press
6 Wetherby Gardens
London SW5 0JN
United Kingdom

# SML Data
+ Date: 2013-05-23T14:35:35+0800
+ Dimensions: 2776 x 2776
+ Exposure: 1/6400 sec at f/2.0
+ Focal Length: 22 mm
+ ISO: 100
+ Camera: Canon EOS M
+ Lens: Canon EF-M 22mm f/2 STM
+ GPS: 22°16’59" N 114°10’22" E
+ Location: 香港會議展覽中心 Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC)
+ Workflow: Lightroom 4
+ Serial: SML.20130523.EOSM.04002.SQ
+ Series: 新聞攝影 Photojournalism, SML Fine Art, Art Basel Hong Kong 2013

# Media Licensing
Creative Commons (CCBY) See-ming Lee 李思明 / SML Photography / SML Universe Limited

“Limited Edition Prints by Damien Hirst: Thr-ser, 2012 (1-inch woodcut spot)” / Paragon Press / Art Basel Hong Kong 2013 / SML.20130523.EOSM.04002.SQ
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3 Little Known First Date Ideas

Trying to figure out where to go on a first date with a woman can be a nerve wracking experience.

While you want to impress a girl, you also have to make sure you’re not appearing to be too overeager.

The one mistake guys make is to bring a woman to a fancy restaurant and buy expensive gifts. Unfortunately this does nothing to build attraction. Instead it creates too much pressure and makes her feel uncomfortable.

So instead of blowing tons of money on your first date, you should focus on trying to think of first date ideas which are both memorable and fun. What you want to is to think of activities that’ll allow you to establish an emotional and physical connection. If you both have a good time, then you can go on a second date that is more *standard*- like going to a restaurant.

In the next few paragraphs, I’ll cover three little known first date ideas you can use which are both fun and exciting.

First date idea #1- Meet for drinks or coffee

While meeting for drinks or coffee is another *standard* date that many people use, it’s still pretty effective. When you do this, you’re able to meet a woman in a casual manner, without the pressure of facing each other from across a table.

What I like about meeting for drinks or coffee is you’re within a distance to establish contact. This means you’re able to flirt and emphasize different things during your conversation, which helps to build attraction.

First date idea #2- Play games

Another great place to bring a woman on a date is to a place where you can play games like a pool hall, miniature golf, the boardwalk or a video arcade.

What I love about playing games on a first date is you’re able to avoid the pressures that often come with meeting up for the first time. You can have fun while being competitive and behaving in a playful manner.

First date idea #3- Get physical

Okay when I say *get physical*, I’m not talking about sex (yet). Instead I think a great first date idea is to bring her someplace where you’re able to engage in an exercise activity.

Whether you’re going for a hike, rollerblading or ice skating, engaging in a physical activity can be fun. It’s also a good first date idea because taking her to these venues is a great way to gauge if your woman has an adventurous spirit.

All three of these first date ideas are a great way stand out from other guys. They can be fun without feeling the pressures of the *job interview* type dates.

Just remember to work on building attraction and work towards securing future dates. If you do your job right, you can easily set up another date and start working towards building intimacy.

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Basket vendor, Lysekil, Sweden
date ideas
Image by Swedish National Heritage Board
Itinerant basket vendor playing the recorder.

Kringvandrande korgförsäljare som spelar blockflöjt.

Parish (socken): Lysekil
Province (landskap): Bohuslän
Municipality (kommun): Lysekil
County (län): Västra Götaland

Photograph by: Carl Curman
Date: 1880s
Format: Albumen print

Persistent URL: www.kms.raa.se/cocoon/bild/show-image.html?id=16000300029151

Read more about the photo database (in english): www.kms.raa.se/cocoon/bild/about.html

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9 Romantic and Cheap Date Ideas

If you can’t afford the stereotypical date of dinner out at a fancy restaurant, don’t worry. There are plenty of things that you and your loved one can do on a very limited budget.

Whether you’re taking out someone special, rekindling the romance with your spouse or planning a night out with another couple, use these ideas for inspiration.

1. A picnic in the park. Few dates are as romantic as the simple picnic in the park. Pack a basket with some strawberries, homemade sandwiches and sparkling cider or wine. Even the most humble meal can be made special by eating it outdoors.

2. A bookstore visit. Go to a bookstore and read each other your favorite books from childhood. Pick out a travel book from a place you’d like to visit and share your dream vacation. There are so many things you can explore together at a boo store that you may want to go back more than once.

3. A walk on the beach. If you have an ocean nearby, be sure to take advantage of the romantic potential of a walk on the beach. Time your walk for early morning or late evening, just as the sun is making its most dramatic show in the sky. You can also visit a beach at night and enjoy a moonlit stroll.

4. Explore your home town. Go to the local visitor’s bureau and see what free events are coming to your area, or what hidden gems are around town that you may have forgotten about. Pretend you’re a visitor to your city and see it through new eyes. You’ll probably find a lot of free, or nearly free, activities that you never knew existed in your area. For example, many towns have walking maps of historical homes and landmarks.

5. Make your own game night. Raid the dollar store for a variety of different game pieces and create your own game. Mix up pieces from different games, like cards, dice, game pieces, etc. Make up rules and then write them down so you can play again in the future.

6. Explore local arts. Local music shows, art festivals and poetry readings are great ways to support the local arts and have a cheap date at the same time. Look through the Friday newspaper to get in touch with what’s going on over the weekend.

7. Travel games. Take a drive without knowing where you’ll end up. Make up a list of directions that you’ll follow before you leave your house. For example, “turn left at the first yellow house” or “go three miles past the first red sign.”

8. Take a tour. if you have a local food or beverage factory, you have a potential frugal date destination. Call the factory to see if they offer tours and book a date.

9. Volunteer. This date idea is perfect if you and your significant other care about protecting the world and helping others. Decide on your favorite cause as a couple and then look for opportunities to make a difference. Local soup kitchens, senior care facilities and environmental groups are always looking for volunteers.

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Argyle Cut
date ideas
Image by Blue Mountains Local Studies
"In 1816, Governor Macquarie floated the idea of cutting a passage through the rock face to join the east and west sides of The Rocks community. As complaints were being voiced both in England and Sydney that Macquarie was wasting precious funds on unnecessary public utilities, Macquarie attempted to raise finance from local business. The only person who showed any interest in the project was fellow Scotsman, James Campbell, the colony’s most successful merchant who operated his business from premises in The Rocks.

The program languished until 1843 when convict chain gangs began their assault on the rock face with whatever hand tool could be found. It was completed in 1864. The rubble from the cut was used to construct many of The Rocks’ stone buildings of the era and in the reclamation and construction of the walls of Circular Quay. The Argyle Cut was widened to its present size around the turn of the 20th century. The rubble from the widening was used as landfill around the Darling Harbour foreshore."

Format: Albumen photo print, 223mm x 283mm.

Date Range: c.1870s

Licensing: Attribution, non-commercial, share alike, creative commons. If you use this image in any way, including blogs, Facebook and websites, you should attribute it to Blue Mountains City Library and provide a link back to this page. Resale or any other commercial use is prohibited without a written agreement. These same restrictions apply to secondary users.

Repository: Blue Mountains City Library www.bmcc.nsw.gov.au/yourcommunity/library

Part of: Local Studies Collection

Provenance: Photo album, purchased.

Links: History and more on the stone that was removed – sydneyforeveryone.com.au/city/the-rocks/sydney-quarries/a…
A 1901 image – www.flickr.com/photos/state-records-nsw/5061232836/
The Powerhouse Museum Rocks set on Flickr – www.flickr.com/photos/powerhouse_museum/sets/721576059467…

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