Ideas That Will Win Her Heart

When you go out with a girl, you want her to see you as very “together” and to have a wonderful evening totally planned out. And if you see the same girl over a period of time, that expectation does not go down. She looks to you to come up with wonderful fun dates, cool places to go, exciting adventures from time to time and romantic interludes that will never grow old or get boring. And as much as is possible, we try to keep our girls thinking we can keep up the pace.

But coming up with romantic ideas for dinner each time you take that sweet girl out can get difficult. Maybe it’s because dinner dates are hard to get creative about and not every place we take our gals for dinner is truly romantic. So finding ways to make each dining experience a romantic adventure is something you have to make an effort at especially if you are in the romance of a lifetime that you want to keep moving forward each week.

Guys we have to work as a team even though dating is not a team sport. But we need each other to keep our sweethearts happy with wonderful romantic dinners and the wonderful romance we enjoy after dinner. So for starters, one of the best resources men have for finding new ways to entertain our girls for dinner is each other and our shared knowledge of new ideas and new places to enjoy with our lovers.

Keep your eyes open and get to know the other couples in your social circle that seem to be having one of those “classic romances” that they make movies about. That guy knows something. The girls are ahead of us on this one because they commonly share romantic secrets. So while we may not sneak off to the bathroom together, look to make friends with other guys who seem to have lots of ideas for great dinner dates and share the wealth. This kind of brotherhood can keep all of our girlfriends and wives happy with each new date.

We all have to get used to the idea that we must always have our radar out for new and interesting dating ideas and for romantic ways to take our sweethearts out to dinner. Of course, part of it is knowing the local restaurants. But expand your horizons on this because unless you are in New York, San Francisco or a city where the restaurant options are endless, only so many dining spots fit the qualification of “romantic.”

Money is another consideration. The best restaurants in town that provide the best ambiance for restaurant also change the highest bills it seems. That is why we have to look at a romantic dinner in another light and find ways to make each date romantic without going bankrupt. It may be one of the greatest revelations there is that the woman in your life might view the simplest dinner with you as the most romantic if you put your own heart and creativity into it. Little shared experiences like a picnic in the park or sharing food with the homeless can be as romantic as a night in a four star restaurant to a woman.

By keeping your wits about you, you will find new romantic ideas for dinner dates flying at you every day. Movies, magazine ads, television shows and even stage plays all are bursting with great ideas because the people who write that stuff are paid the big bucks to come up with romantic concepts. So why not make them earn their money and take their ideas for your own.

Keep your ears open and don’t overlook any resource for new ideas for ways to give your special girl a really great evening out for dinner. Along with tapping the imaginations of your friends, look to other women you know who themselves are either being romanced or have been romanced by guys who may have come up with some very creative ways to woo their girls. You have female confidants you can cleverly question for new ideas like your cousins or sisters, friends of your relatives, ex girlfriends who want you to do well or even your parents.

Yes even the older generation can be a great source of dinner ideas for dates. Even though they are from another era in history, there may be some buried treasure in the past that dad or mom can reveal which could be a great romantic dinner concept that will do well with a little updating.

The idea is that you are always looking for great new ways to give your special girl a wonderful romantic night out. If you start to get a good supply of new ideas, start a log of them or put them in your computer because you can never have too many romantic dinner ideas. And when you do get a few dozen ideas ahead, you will be able to live up to that image she has of you of a romantic superhero always able to thrill her with a new romantic adventure every time you and she enjoy each others charms for the night.

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Mystery dam
date ideas
Image by Ed Yourdon
This seems to be a pretty significant dam, but it’s another mystery: I don’t know where it is, nor when the photo was taken, nor who took the photo.

I put in an arbitrary date of 1935, but I have no idea if that is correct…


To the best of my knowledge, most of the photos in this Flickr album were taken by my grandmother, Mabel Yourdon, during the 1920s, 30s, and 40s. Most of them depict scenes of everyday life in mining camps and small towns near the Utah-Colorado border. Some of them show hunting, fishing, and camping trips in unspecified parts of the American west. It appears that a few of them were taken in southern California, when Mabel and her husband Ike traveled out there to visit relatives.

I have no idea what kind of camera Mabel used for these photos, nor what kind of film. There probably wasn’t that much variety available in the 1920s, and she was not a “professional” photographer. So it may have been a Brownie and whatever B/W film Kodak was selling at the time.

My stepfather, Ray Yourdon, was born in 1922; and his older brother, Marvin, was born two years before that. You’ll see photos of Ray and Marvin when they were young boys, when they were in high school, and when they went off to join the Navy and the Marines to fight in World War II.

Somewhere around 2005, I asked Ray if he could tell me the details of some of the photos; where possible, I have included those details in the notes for the photos. Some of the photos obviously evoked pleasant memories, and I heard stories about minor day-to-day events in his life that I had never heard before. But we rarely got through more than a few pictures before he ran out of energy; and so many of the photos have no explanation at all.

At this point, my parents and grandparents are all gone. I have cousins who grew up in the same area where these photos were taken, and one or two of them are still in that area. They may be able to fill in a few of the details; otherwise, you’ll just have to accept these photos as a glimpse of what life was like nearly a hundred years ago …

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