Inexpensive Date Ideas – Having Fun Without Worrying About the Cost

Somehow dates require you to dig into your pocketbook but of course, there are more than one ways to make a fun and exciting date without worrying too much of the cost. Fun and exciting dates are possible of course even if you have a limited budget. All you have to do is find some exciting things to do and make sure you will both enjoy the experience.

If you are creative enough, you can actually make good dates even without too many preparations as long as you spend quality time and enjoy the time together. Here are some inexpensive date ideas you can put on your list for your next dates.

Enjoy a Hobby Together

If you both enjoy the same hobby, it could be a very good way to spend your date. If you are both bookworms, you can actually find a good place outdoors where you can bring in a picnic basket and spend some time outdoors to share a good read or share your favorite music together. If both of you love art or photography, you can visit some art galleries around, though you do not really need to buy one. Looking around together and appreciating great art work could be a good way to spend time for each other.

Walking or Jogging

Exercising together is one thing that can be both fun and healthy. For women, it is also a bonus point to see a guy who cares about his health. Having a sporty morning spent on jogging or simply walking outdoors can be a good way to enjoy your time together, and a good way to spend some time talking as well.

Play a Game or Two

You can also challenge each other on a game or two of your favorite board game, puzzle or an online game. You can also play cards or try frisbee outdoors. If you love sports, you can also find good venues to play tennis for free, or probably go swimming together.

Help Others

You can earn good points as well if you find time together to volunteer at a local charity. Helping other people can also make you both feel good, and of course is a good thing to spend a productive time together.

Go for a Ride

If you like to drive, you can also go for a ride or enjoy a day of bike riding to some nice park and stop by some beautiful places.

Go Ice Skating

If you have that old pair of skates sitting on your closet, ice skating can be a good way to spend an afternoon. You can teach your date if she needs a little helping on the activity.

Cook Together

You do not have to go out to find some productive things to do together. You can actually search for some good things in the kitchen and cook your favorite meal together. If one of you loves cooking, you can even teach your date about some recipes you are good at.

Dating does not need to be expensive always. These inexpensive date ideas are fun and exciting as well. Inexpensive dates should not be tasteless and cheap. You just have to put a little creativity and make sure of course that your date would love the idea as well.

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The Swimmer. Yaddo. Saratoga Springs, New York.
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Image by Thomas Cummins
The Yaddo board first discussed building a swimming pool on September 20, 1959. Due mainly to the insistence of John Cheever, the Board would finally approve the pool in 1961. Cheever would then write the short story "The Swimmer" in 1963 and it appeared in The New Yorker on July 18,1964. The publishing was postponed so that the short story could have a Summer release date.

"The Swimmer" synopsis
In the affluent suburbs of Westchester County, New York, middle-aged Neddy Merrill wants to retain his youth and marvels at his trail-blazing idea of "swimming the county" -by following a chain of pools he can literally swim home. Neddy enters the backyard of his neighbors, sometimes bursting into a party, sometimes engaging in conversation, and most of the time having a drink – but always swimming the length of their pool. At first Neddy is well-received but after finding a dried pool and waiting for a storm to pass, he starts to feel tired and disillusioned. Neddy is upset to find out that the Welchers’ pool is dry and their house for sale. He recognizes his memory must be failing him since he cannot remember what happened to the Welchers. At the Halloran residence, Mrs. Halloran tells Neddy she is sorry to hear of his misfortunes (which he cannot remember) and mentions something about his children and selling his house. At the Biswangers’ he is perceived as a party-crasher and even their barman treats him with disrespect. He overhears Mrs. Biswanger saying that someone showed up one day asking for money since he went bankrupt. Further on, Neddy’s former mistress tells him that she won’t "give him another cent". He slowly observes that each pool is significantly colder and more difficult to swim. He notices that some of the tree leaves are already yellow. At one point he smells wood smoke in the wind, wondering who could be building a fire at that time of the year. At the Sachses’, Neddy asks for a drink, but Helen Sachs tells him they don’t have alcohol since her husband underwent surgery 3 years before—something Neddy has no memory of. Neddy is unable to recognize the constellations of the midsummer sky, instead finding the northern constellations, implying a change of season. Neddy eventually reaches his own house. As he looks inside a locked and deserted home, he wonders why his family is not there.