Finding Good First Date Gift Ideas for Her

First dates are usually full of excitement and thrills. Excitement of finally having the time to know the person you think would be someone interesting, and thrill of what the date would turn out. It may turn out successful, which means you will both end up interested to meet again for another date, or it may be just something for the first date only.

Men might think about bringing her a gift because he wants to impress her, or he wants to show her his appreciation of going out with him. However, be careful on any first date gift ideas you have in mind. Do not go overboard to please the person on the first date. I for one, find some gifts may be too much for a first date and it can become a major turnoff. Imagine a guy giving you jewelry on the first date – nah, it might give a wrong signal to the woman.

So if you are looking for some first date gift ideas, you can settle with the simplest. Here are some tips that might help.

1. Flowers. Flowers are the safest and most appreciated gift you can ever bring to a woman on the first date. It could mean a ‘thank you’ for accepting the invitation, or an appreciation of being able to spend the time with the person. Flowers are indeed well appreciated.

2. Something to Munch. Whether you are spending the first date on some adventurous activities outdoors or a dinner date, you can bring her a box of cookies or chocolates. It could also be a great rescue when conversations run dry and even a great conversation starter if you want to know each other’s likes.

3. Tickets for an Event. This applies if you already have an idea of the woman you want to date with. If you have known her for some time but never had the chance to date her and you strongly feel that you want to date her again, you can bring along tickets to a concert or a show or a sporting event, whatever you think that she would love watching with you. This is also best given at the end of the date, after you have determined that you really want to spend another time with her.

4. Avoid expensive and personal gifts. If you are indeed looking for first date gift ideas, forget about the expensive and personal gifts. This may be common sense but you have to remember that extravagant gifts and personal things are a no-no for a woman on the first date. Save that jewelry for the engagement party, and save those lingerie for your honeymoon. First dates should be getting-to-know stage and giving her something expensive or something too personal may not be a good start to know a woman.

5. The best gift a woman would want to receive on the first date is knowing you. Of course, she went out with you because she wants to know more about you. She wants to know your thoughts and beliefs in life, what you are as a person, and like you, she is also trying to find out if you are a perfect match for her, so if you really want to impress her, forget about the first date gift ideas you have in mind. Present yourself nicely, make sure you are a gentleman, and most importantly, be a good listener.

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“Limited Edition Prints by Damien Hirst: Thr-ser, 2012 (1-inch woodcut spot)” / Paragon Press / Art Basel Hong Kong 2013 / SML.20130523.EOSM.04002.SQ
date ideas
Image by See-ming Lee 李思明 SML
Woodcut spots from Damien Hirst. This series need no introduction. Each print is an abstract representation of a biochemical compound, expressed as a spot color from circular wood cuts.

It is hard for me to talk about Damien Hirst. On the one hand, I see a gifted and very talented artist who produces brilliant works. On the other, an artist-turned-factory who has become so commercialized that he would need to come up with all kinds of methods to pump up works to please the high demands for his work.

Andy Warhol likes to say that “making money is art, and working is art and good business is the best art.” But I tend to have a problem with art created purely to make money. Mondrian’s early works are brilliant and full of ideas, but the Mondrian after he has becoming the darling of his times left little to be desired.

These “limited edition prints” is probably the worse of this trend—making quick bucks in the art market, each asking approximately four-thousand pounds on today’s market. I have no doubt that these works are key to supporting the artist’s livelihood and thus allows him to be the richest living artist in Britain.

Art to me is pure magic, but in these works I see nothing but a money-making machine disguised as something fine but has no soul except the greed within.

Damien Hirst
Thr-ser (1-inch woodcut spot)
55 editions
Hand signed and numbered

A series of woodcut printed on 410 gsm Somerset White textured paper. Signed by the artist on the front and numbered on the reverse in an edition of 55.

# Damien Hirst

Damien Steven Hirst (born 7 June 1965) is an English artist, entrepreneur and art collector. He is the most prominent member of the group known as the Young British Artists (or YBAs), who dominated the art scene in Britain during the 1990s. He is internationally renowned, and is reportedly Britain’s richest living artist, with his wealth valued at £215m in the 2010 Sunday Times Rich List. During the 1990s his career was closely linked with the collector Charles Saatchi, but increasing frictions came to a head in 2003 and the relationship ended.

# Paragon Press
6 Wetherby Gardens
London SW5 0JN
United Kingdom

# SML Data
+ Date: 2013-05-23T14:35:35+0800
+ Dimensions: 2776 x 2776
+ Exposure: 1/6400 sec at f/2.0
+ Focal Length: 22 mm
+ ISO: 100
+ Camera: Canon EOS M
+ Lens: Canon EF-M 22mm f/2 STM
+ GPS: 22°16’59" N 114°10’22" E
+ Location: 香港會議展覽中心 Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC)
+ Workflow: Lightroom 4
+ Serial: SML.20130523.EOSM.04002.SQ
+ Series: 新聞攝影 Photojournalism, SML Fine Art, Art Basel Hong Kong 2013

# Media Licensing
Creative Commons (CCBY) See-ming Lee 李思明 / SML Photography / SML Universe Limited

“Limited Edition Prints by Damien Hirst: Thr-ser, 2012 (1-inch woodcut spot)” / Paragon Press / Art Basel Hong Kong 2013 / SML.20130523.EOSM.04002.SQ
/ #Photojournalism #CreativeCommons #CCBY #SMLPhotography #SMLUniverse #SMLFineArt #Crazyisgood #SMLProjects
/ #中國 #中国 #China #香港 #HongKong #攝影 #摄影 #photography #Art #FineArt #ArtBasel #ABHK #DamienHirst #ParagonPress #woodcut #prints #spot #colorist #abstract

3 Little Known First Date Ideas

Trying to figure out where to go on a first date with a woman can be a nerve wracking experience.

While you want to impress a girl, you also have to make sure you’re not appearing to be too overeager.

The one mistake guys make is to bring a woman to a fancy restaurant and buy expensive gifts. Unfortunately this does nothing to build attraction. Instead it creates too much pressure and makes her feel uncomfortable.

So instead of blowing tons of money on your first date, you should focus on trying to think of first date ideas which are both memorable and fun. What you want to is to think of activities that’ll allow you to establish an emotional and physical connection. If you both have a good time, then you can go on a second date that is more *standard*- like going to a restaurant.

In the next few paragraphs, I’ll cover three little known first date ideas you can use which are both fun and exciting.

First date idea #1- Meet for drinks or coffee

While meeting for drinks or coffee is another *standard* date that many people use, it’s still pretty effective. When you do this, you’re able to meet a woman in a casual manner, without the pressure of facing each other from across a table.

What I like about meeting for drinks or coffee is you’re within a distance to establish contact. This means you’re able to flirt and emphasize different things during your conversation, which helps to build attraction.

First date idea #2- Play games

Another great place to bring a woman on a date is to a place where you can play games like a pool hall, miniature golf, the boardwalk or a video arcade.

What I love about playing games on a first date is you’re able to avoid the pressures that often come with meeting up for the first time. You can have fun while being competitive and behaving in a playful manner.

First date idea #3- Get physical

Okay when I say *get physical*, I’m not talking about sex (yet). Instead I think a great first date idea is to bring her someplace where you’re able to engage in an exercise activity.

Whether you’re going for a hike, rollerblading or ice skating, engaging in a physical activity can be fun. It’s also a good first date idea because taking her to these venues is a great way to gauge if your woman has an adventurous spirit.

All three of these first date ideas are a great way stand out from other guys. They can be fun without feeling the pressures of the *job interview* type dates.

Just remember to work on building attraction and work towards securing future dates. If you do your job right, you can easily set up another date and start working towards building intimacy.

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Basket vendor, Lysekil, Sweden
date ideas
Image by Swedish National Heritage Board
Itinerant basket vendor playing the recorder.

Kringvandrande korgförsäljare som spelar blockflöjt.

Parish (socken): Lysekil
Province (landskap): Bohuslän
Municipality (kommun): Lysekil
County (län): Västra Götaland

Photograph by: Carl Curman
Date: 1880s
Format: Albumen print

Persistent URL:

Read more about the photo database (in english):

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5 Bad First Date Ideas If You Don’t Want a Relationship

So you’ve finally asked that cute girl out…and she accepted! Now you’ve got to decide where to take her.

First dates are a great chance to get to know a woman, and in your mind, that’s all this outing’s going to be. You don’t know if this will evolve into something long term, and in fact, you haven’t even thought about it. But if she’s like most women, odds are she’s thought about it plenty.

It’s rare that a woman meets a guy and doesn’t wonder what the future holds. While this sort of female reaction is inevitable, there are a few things you can do to keep her grounded.

The following are 5 first-date ideas that are sure to get her browsing the David’s Bridal Web site.

Romantic Comedies

A lot of first dates take place at a movie theater. There’s minimal pressure to talk, the atmosphere is dark and cozy, and the story feeds the conversation afterwards. In reality, the movies can be a bad date idea if you choose the wrong film.

Romantic comedies are called “chick flicks” for good reason- they feed the need for drama that’s innate in all females. While they may seem innocent enough for a first date, they’re not. Think of it this way: All of the mushy dialogue and on-screen kisses are subliminal messages to your date.

Her Place

Going to her place is the epitome of a bad first date. You’re putting all of the control in her hands. That’s when she starts cooking for you.

While some women won’t admit it, cooking for and taking care of a guy comes natural to them. That’s what they saw their mothers do for their fathers, and that’s what they want to do with a guy they care about. By feeding into her domestic instincts, you’re sending her the message that you’re ready to settle down.


While it’s uncommon to go to a wedding for a first date, it does happen. Even if it’s not the first time you’re taking her out, steer clear of bringing her to weddings for a couple of months or so. The sight of true love bring out the warm-fuzzies in a woman, and pretty soon, she’ll be fantasizing about the day she marries you.


First dates are, by their very nature, awkward. Romantic strolls are even more awkward. There’s nothing to fill in the odd conversational gaps, or if you two do manage to hit it off, she’ll likely think she’s found her soul mate. Wait for the third of fourth date before you two discover the great outdoors together.

Meeting Friends

The instant you meet her friends, you’ve become more than just a guy she’s dating. In essence, you’ve become her boyfriend. The same holds true for introducing her to your social circle, so hold off on this one.

First dates are designed to better acquaint two people, but when you let others in on the deal, you’re suddenly subjected to their critiques too. Her friends may not approve of you, in which case, she’ll probably heed their advice. On the other hand, they could really like you, thereby having high expectations of your relationship with her.

Final Thoughts

The more intimate the environment, the more you’ll feed her thoughts of a relationship. A first date should allow for two people to get to know one another, and nothing more. With that said, if the occasion is high on romance, squash the idea.

Want to learn more a PROVEN way to flirt with girls and create sexual attraction. If so, take a look at Steve Scott’s flirting system about how to flirt with women!

Play Me, I’m Yours Austin – Piano No. 10, photo 7 – Apr 18, 2011
date ideas
Image by Ed Yourdon
This photo was taken of the piano located at the top of Doug Sahm Hill, looking out toward the river and the skyline of downtown Austin in the background.

When I reached the piano, I found another photographer, and two gymnasts who were somehow involved in the weekend reggae festival that had been held in the large park at the bottom of the hill. There was also a large map of Texas inlaid in the stone at the top of the hill, so that you could see how far it was from Austin to other Texas cities like Fort Worth, San Antonio, and Houston. But nobody was playing the poor, lonely piano; it just sat there, atop Doug Sahm Hill.

I know what you’re going to ask: who the heck is Doug Sahm, and why should we care? Well, for what it’s worth, this Wikipedia article tells us that Mr. Sahm (who died in 1999) was a San Antonio-born musician who became a significant figure in blues, rock and other genres. He is considered one of the most important figures in Tejano music, and was the founder and leader of the 1960s rock and roll band the Sir Douglas Quintet. He played later with Augie Meyers, Freddy Fender and Flaco Jimenez in The Texas Tornados, and also in Los Super Seven supergroup.

So now you know.


A few years ago, a British artist by the name of Luke Jerram came up with the intriguing idea of spreading pianos around the city, with an open invitation for anyone nearby to wander up and begin playing something. Anything. He started in London, and has subsequently brought his festival — known as "Play Me, I’m Yours" — to some 19 cities around the world, including such varied cities as Moscow, Sydney, São Paulo, Barcelona, Bristol, Bath, Birmingham, Cincinnati, San Jose, and Pécs.

And then New York City — which is where I heard about it, in June 2010. Sixty pianos were donated, painted, and "installed" throughout the five boroughs of New York; you can see the locations here. Over a period of two weeks, I managed to visit every single one of the pianos — except for two in Queens, which had been vandalized and removed before I could get to them — and photographed them all in this Flickr set

I had such a good time with the New York pianos that I checked Luke’s website periodically to see what plans he had for 2011. I learned that he was planning a festival in Adelaide, but that was too far away; and he was planning a festival in Geneva, but the date conflicted with some other plans I had made. I heard that he was considering Salt Lake City, but then it turned out that he actually scheduled a festival in Austin, TX for the month of April — so that’s where I decided to go.

You can see the details of the Austin festival at this Internet site, but the first thing I noticed was that it would be much smaller than the one in New York: only 14 pianos, most within walking distance of one another, and several of them located along the river that runs through the center of the city. As with New York, one of them had been vandalized and removed before I got to it; I heard that a replacement piano was being brought in, but I had only four days in Austin before I had to return home, and I never had a chance to see if it actually arrived. There was also one piano that I simply could not locate: it was supposed to be located on a hiking path in the midst of a wooded area in a rather strange area of on-ramps and off-ramps of the MoPac Expressway, but despite repeated references to two different Google maps on my iPhone (one showing exactly where I was standing, and another allegedly showing me where the mysterious piano was located), I never did track it down.

As for the pianos that I did find: like New York, it turned out that roughly 2/3 of them were sitting empty and alone when I got to them. In several cases, I sat there for half an hour or an hour, waiting for someone to show up and start playing something … but nobody did. So there were only five pianos where I could actually listen to people playing music; and for each of them I made video recordings with my Sony Alpha 55 camera, and used Apple’s iMovie program to clean up the videos and make them more presentable. In order to make them accessible on Flickr, I kept them all very short: Flickr only allows 90 seconds of video for an individual clip. I was also hoping to get some good HDR shots of the pianos at sunrise and sunset … but nobody else gets up at sunset to play the pianos on public display, as I discovered on my first dawn excursion in Austin.

While I was there, I couldn’t help taking some additional photos of the people in Austin as they enjoyed themselves in their canoes and rafts and paddle-boats out in the river. Those photos have nothing to do with pianos or the "Play Me, I’m Yours" festival, so I’ll be placing them in a separate Flickr set.

So now I’ve done two cities … and I think I’m done. It’s been great fun, but it’s time-consuming and expensive to venture off to a strange city for the single purpose of photographing a bunch of pianos … which, alas, turn out to be unoccupied most of the time. Indeed, even if the "Play Me, I’m Yours" festival comes back to New York City at some point in the future, I think I’ll skip the pianos located in Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn, and the Bronx — most of the action is in Manhattan, and that’s a lot easier to deal with, logistically.

But if you haven’t seen this festival, I urge you to check Luke Jerram’s website periodically, and see whether he might be bringing his festival to your town. If so, take a look at the map, and you can probably figure out which pianos are likely to visited by lots of people — e.g., in New York, it doesn’t take a genius to guess that Times Square is going to get a lot more visitors than a piano in a remote corner of Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx. Once you’ve got this figured out, go spend some time watching the action; chances are you’ll be amazed and delighted by the variety of people who wander by, do a double-take when they see a piano that they had not expected to see, and then sit down to start playing …

If there’s a "Play Me, I’m Yours" festival coming to your city, and you think there might some interesting opportunities for photos or videos, drop me a note and let me know. I might drop in and say hello…

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You are killing with grooming, style, and being a gentleman – but money’s tight! How can you impress your date when low on cash? In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro presents 10 inexpensive, but awesome, date items for these times.

Remember that it’s not what you do – it’s who you’re with. You don’t have to spend a ton of money!

1. Backpack + wine & opener + two glasses + blanket

2. Go to a city festival

3. Hit a farmer’s market or flea market

4. Coffee and crossword puzzles

5. Go for a hike

6. Buy bread then feed the ducks at the pond

7. Take the dog for a walk and get ice cream (don’t forget a ‘doggy dish’!)

8. Play a board game

9. Candy + drinks stuffed in your bag and go to a matinee movie

10. Go for a bike ride – you can rent them if you don’t have them

Fun First Date Ideas That She’ll Love

Congratulations! She’s agreed to go out on a date with you! Whether you’ve been trying to get her attention for minutes, months or millennia, it’s a great sign that she’s agreed to spend time with you. Now, the most important thing you must do is plan out that time. No matter how well or how little you know someone, first dates can be awkward. You need to work to mitigate that feeling and can do so by considering some fun first date ideas.

There are options that you can consider for your first date that range anywhere from low key to extremely extravagant. You have to carefully consider what relationship you may have already built with the woman of your dreams as friends, coworkers or acquaintance and plan out your first date to be based not only on that but on anything you already know about your new friend.

Some terrific and fun first date ideas include low key settings like the beach or a concert or to play pool. By not taking her into an intense environment, you are giving both her and yourself permission to relax and really get to know each other in a casual setting.

If want to attract this woman, you can tailor the date to her interests. If you know what kind of music she likes, a concert can be a good first date because you can have a shared interest to concentrate on and limited times to feel awkward in between. Playing pool may bring out your competitive sides and leave you both feeling good about your date. And who doesn’t love going to the beach ‘ assuming one is nearby, of course! Rays, waves and dates ‘ they all fit together nicely.

For a first date that includes more one on one attention, consider packing a picnic lunch and heading off to a peaceful setting. This will give you time to really talk and get to know each other without the pressures of the outside world intruding.

And if you run out of topics of conversation, you’ve packed plenty of food to enjoy together. One of the most fun activities you can participate in on a picnic date is spreading out a huge blanket and laying back to simply watch the clouds roll by. With any amount of luck and a bit of chemistry thrown in, you’ll be holding hands and even more by the end of the day.

If you want to show the new lady in your life how special you think she is – and how much you want to pamper her, you’ll want to choose a high end first date that is extravagant with a capital ‘E.’ Instead of a sightseeing tour around your city, instead arrange for a hot air balloon ride.

Expensive, but well worth snagging the woman of your dreams! Among fun first date ideas, arranging all transportation by limo service is near the top. You can take a limo anywhere ‘ even to the park for a picnic lunch. But how romantic of you to arrange to ride in luxury!

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Marvin, Mabel, and Ike Yourdon – the General Sherman tree, in Sequoia National Forest?
date ideas
Image by Ed Yourdon
I’m pretty sure the people in the photo are Ray’s brother Marvin Yourdon, and his parents Mabel and Ike Yourdon.

On the bench, you can see the word "General," and also what seems to be the letters "AN". And it certainly does seem to be a giant sequoia tree in the background.

So I googled "Sherman sequoia" and found this page:

According to Wikipedia, the tree is 275 feet tall, has a diameter of 25 feet, and an estimated age of 2300 – 2700 years.

Meanwhile, I have no idea who took this photo, nor when it was taken….

I put in an arbitrary date of 1935, but I have no idea if that is correct…


To the best of my knowledge, most of the photos in this Flickr album were taken by my grandmother, Mabel Yourdon, during the 1920s, 30s, and 40s. Most of them depict scenes of everyday life in mining camps and small towns near the Utah-Colorado border. Some of them show hunting, fishing, and camping trips in unspecified parts of the American west. It appears that a few of them were taken in southern California, when Mabel and her husband Ike traveled out there to visit relatives.

I have no idea what kind of camera Mabel used for these photos, nor what kind of film. There probably wasn’t that much variety available in the 1920s, and she was not a “professional” photographer. So it may have been a Brownie and whatever B/W film Kodak was selling at the time.

My stepfather, Ray Yourdon, was born in 1922; and his older brother, Marvin, was born two years before that. You’ll see photos of Ray and Marvin when they were young boys, when they were in high school, and when they went off to join the Navy and the Marines to fight in World War II.

Somewhere around 2005, I asked Ray if he could tell me the details of some of the photos; where possible, I have included those details in the notes for the photos. Some of the photos obviously evoked pleasant memories, and I heard stories about minor day-to-day events in his life that I had never heard before. But we rarely got through more than a few pictures before he ran out of energy; and so many of the photos have no explanation at all.

At this point, my parents and grandparents are all gone. I have cousins who grew up in the same area where these photos were taken, and one or two of them are still in that area. They may be able to fill in a few of the details; otherwise, you’ll just have to accept these photos as a glimpse of what life was like nearly a hundred years ago …

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Dating Tips With 10 First Date Ideas That You’ll Love

Most first dates consist of the usual dinner and a movie. While there is nothing wrong with this, it’s very cliché. After reading these dating tips, you will realize that what is needed is a variety of date ideas that can conform to the interests of both of you rather than go with what is easy. Yes, easy can be good, but easy is not always going to result in that second date. The following is a list of dating tips, which provides date ideas that will make that first date one to remember:

Go bowling – It’s old-school, it’s casual, and it’s fun. You can eat while you do it, play as long as you want, and the environment is low-stress.

Aquariums – This one is right up there in the list of great dating ideas. If there is an aquarium in your area or one in a nearby city, you should definitely take advantage of it. This is one of those great dating tips because the environment is a relaxed one. You can walk leisurely and not run out of anything to talk about.

Hiking – Most areas, even metro areas, have areas where you can go hiking or walking. Physical activity on a first date makes both of you feel good because exercise produces endorphins and endorphins make people happy. If your date is not the outdoorsy type, a walk through the park may be just fine.

Theater- Rather than go to the movie theater, go see a stage play. What is unique about a stage play is that there is an intermission, unlike a movie, so the two of you can talk.

Art gallery – If your date is the artsy type, then a trip to the art gallery can be the ideal place for a date. Do a little research about the gallery beforehand so you can have some knowledge about the pieces within it, which will help ensure the conversation keeps going.

Golfing – Even those individuals not into golf will have a good time going to the local golf course, renting a golf cart, and trying to hit the small ball into the small hole from long distances. Seeing how far the ball goes and driving the cart is a lot of fun.

Music shows – Go to a local music show, but not one that is too loud. Because conversation is very important, you want to go to a venue where the music and the ability to converse are well balanced.

Skating – Whether there is an ice skating rink in your area or a regular skating rink, skating is a lot of fun. Nowadays, the rinks are not very crowded, so this will allow the two of you to get to know each other better.

Explore your town – This is one of the most unique dating ideas due to the fact that many don’t think about touring their own towns. However, the two of you may know things about the town that the other doesn’t. See your town from a tourist’s perspective and you’ll learn things you never knew while having great conversation with a great date.

Food – Go to a restaurant neither one of you have ever eaten at. This will enable the two of you to experience something new together.

These dating tips are made to help you make your future dating experiences more successful. When you use these dating ideas, you will find that it gives your first date more quality while keeping it interesting . By achieving that success, you can move on to the second date and then to a third. You never know when the person you decide to do unique activities with will be the person who you spend the rest of your life with.

Mom, me, and Ray – Washington, Fall 1946.
date ideas
Image by Ed Yourdon
Note: I should have placed this photo — and all of the other ones that I’ll be uploading on April 18-19, 2015 — at the end of this album of Washington, DC photos (i.e., the ones that got uploaded first), because they were taken in 1946, long after my mother had gotten divorced, and moved (with me) from Florida back to her mother’s house in Washington, DC.

In a few of the photos, you’ll note that my mother has now met, and presumably begun dating, my stepfather Ray Yourdon. He was based in Washington at the end of his Navy enlistment; and when it was all over, they got married and the family moved to Denver in 1947 (which you’ll find in a separate Flickr album covering the period of 1947-50).


Mom’s typewritten note on this album page says, "Daddy’s Home for the Weekend! Fall, 1946".

I’ve arbitrarily chosen a date of mid-October, since the trees seem to be changing color in the background.

The picture appears to have been taken on the front sidewalk of Mom’s childhood house at 3430 Porter Street, Washington, DC.

I have no idea why I have a bandaid on my forehead…


All of the photos in this album are “originals” from the period when I was an infant in the mid-1940s — i.e., the period before I lived in Omaha, Riverside, Roswell, New York, Ft. Worth, and Denver (photos of which you may have seen already in my Flickr archives).

Before I get into the details, let me make a strong request — if you’re looking at these photos, and if you are getting any enjoyment at all of this brief look at some mundane Americana from 70+ years ago: find a similar episode in your own life, and write it down. Gather the pictures, clean them up, and upload them somewhere on the Internet where they can be found. Trust me: there will come a day when the only person on the planet who actually experienced those events is you. Your own memories may be fuzzy and incomplete; but they will be invaluable to your friends and family members, and to many generations of your descendants.

My own story changes dramatically at this point: the man I’ve presented as my Dad in previous Flickr albums, Ray Yourdon, was actually my stepfather. My birth parents grew up in Washington DC, married, and moved to Florida in the early days of World War II. My birth father worked as a flight instructor for the Air Force, and I was born on an Air Force base near Ft. Walton Beach, in the panhandle section of Florida (which you can read about here, if you’re interested: )

Some time after that, my parents divorced and my mother moved back to Washington with me, to live with her mother. After a bitter custody battle over me (so I’ve been told), I didn’t see my birth-father again until I was 30—at which point I was surprised to learn that I had three more half-sisters, in addition to the two I had grown up with (i.e., both my mother and my birth-father had remarried after they got divorced from each other). But that’s another story, with another set of photos …

Meanwhile, my mother worked as a secretary in the Pentagon as the war wound down, and when my stepfather ended up in Washington toward the end of his tour of duty in the Navy, they met, and married, and moved to Denver to begin a new life … chapters of which you’ve been seeing in these Flickr albums during the last several weeks.

So the photos in this album are from my birth in Florida through the first year or so of my childhood in Washington — uploaded in reverse chronological order, starting in 1945. I haven’t written any details, because I have no conscious memory of what was happening at the time; and at this point, all of my parents, step-parents, and grandparents are gone. Yes, I do have five wonderful sisters, all of whom share various memories with me; but I’m the oldest of the brood, so I have no siblings with first-hand information about what I was doing for the first year or two of my life.

All I have are the photos that you see here. But they do tell a story, and that’s why I think it’s so important that you track down all of your own photos and preserve them somewhere for the generations who will follow after you.

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Great First Date Ideas

So, you’ve met someone, maybe through online dating or maybe just in your local supermarket. You’ve started taking and they have agreed to go on a date with you. Now, where do you take them?

The traditional dinner and a film is okay, but you can do better than that. A first date is all about testing the water, finding out if the two of you are compatible and have a similar view on life. A good first date should be based around conversation but it should also have an element of excitement and distraction. This helps if the conversation dries up and stops there being too much pressure on you both to keep talking.

When you go to see a film, you are sat in the dark and expected to keep quiet, this does not promote conversation and interaction. A meal can also be a bit daunting. People often do not like to eat with strangers and you may feel you have to impress by going to an expensive restaurant you can’t really afford. If you have both been on the dating scene for a while, chances are you have been on a number of these types of date and they can all blur into one leaving you a bit jaded.

So how do you take them on a memorable date that you will both enjoy and remember and at the same time find out as much as you can about your potential love interest?

Here are a list of dates ideas which will hopefully achieve all of these aims:

Bowling, Pool, Driving Range, Mini Golf

These are all fun sports which almost everyone can have a go at even if you have never tried before. They will make you laugh and create a bit of friendly competition between the two of you without costing a lot. If you are quite good at the sport, you can teach your date how to play, just don’t show off as this won’t impress your date. This type of date will be memorable and may involve a little physical interaction all of which will help build a bond between the two of you.

Climbing, Ice Skating, Go Carting

If you liked the previous suggestion but want something with a bit more action, then maybe a more physical sport is right for you. Memories made during high levels of adrenaline are stronger. And there is nothing like a little bit of danger to reveal a persons true personality.

Watching A Sports Match

If you prefer to watch sports rather than play them, you could try a date at a sports match. If both like a popular sport and especially if you support the same team then this could be perfect. If however one of you is less sporty or you support rival teams, why not try going to an unusual sport. For example if you live in the UK, try ice hockey or basketball. A lower league match is usually quite cheap and exciting. Even if you don’t know the rules you can have fun finding out together.

Walking, Hiking, Going To The Beach, Cycle Ride

If you live near the countryside and both enjoy the great outdoors, this could be the ideal date for you. A nice walk, or cycle ride chatting and enjoying the scenery together could be a great way to spend the day. It’s also completely free.


I do mean rowing in a boat, the other type of rowing would be an awful way to spend a first date. If you live near a river or a lake, you could spend the day here. You will have something to look at, apart from your date, and you will be guaranteed a bit of privacy to talk.

Fun Fair, Theme Park, Zoo, Aquarium, Arcade

Bring out the inner child in yourself and your date and you are bound to have fun. Riding roller coasters, winning prizes, getting close to lions or sharks or shooting zombies. All of these will create conversation and lead to a memorable easy day with no pressure or expectations.

Dancing Lesson, Art Lesson, Cooking Lesson, Wine Tasting, Pottery Class

Despite what you might think, learning can be fun. Dancing lessons especially offer the opportunity to get up close to your date in a comfortable safe and fun environment and you’ve all seen the movie Ghost. You may prefer being in a crowd and you will be able to see how your date interacts with others. Also if you don’t get along with each other, at least you will have picked up a new skill.

Museum, Art Gallery, Book Or Poetry Recital

If you had a more intellectual date in mind, you may opt for one of these activities. The majority of these are free and they will give you and your date something deep and thought provoking to talk about.


What could be nicer than sitting in a park, public garden or on the beach in the sunshine with a picnic. You could each make your favourite food or just buy it from the shop. A picnic could be combined with a walk or a boat ride and offer lots of opportunity for conversation.

Local Gig, Comedy Show, Ghost Walk

Simple and relatively cheap date ideas which will allow you to chat and be entertained at the same time. A ghost walk is particularly good in the winter when the nights are at there darkest. It allows you to mix with others at the same time and you will always have someone to hold on to if you should see something scary.


Maybe not the first thing that springs to mind when you think of a date, but most people male and female like shopping of some sort. It can reveal a lot about your dates personality and attitude to money, both of which are important in a relationship. Try shopping for a gift for a family member the same sex as your date and asking for their advice.


For a very different date why not spend some time volunteering together. Try working a few hours at a soup kitchen. This will show your date that you have a caring sharing side and will let you see if your date has one too. You will be able to see how you interact together and will other people from all walks of life. At the end of the date you will also gain satisfaction from the knowledge that you have spent your time doing something good. This gives you a natural high which is a great feeling for a first date.

If You Must Do Dinner And A Film

If you must do the usual dinner and a film, you can at least spice it up a bit.

Make sure you see the film first so you have something to discuss during the meal. Why not swap the film for a play or trip to the theatre to make it more memorable. Also why not try something different with the meal. Pick a type of food none of you have ever eaten before or go for something less formal and fun like fish and chips.

If you haven’t found your perfect match yet, sign up now to Create Your Profile and contact others all completely free. DibsADate has the features of a premium dating website but without the cost.

There are are also more Free Dating Articles and advice on the DibsAdate website.

Mystery photo
date ideas
Image by Ed Yourdon
I have no idea when or where this photo was taken, nor do I know who the four people are.

I put in an arbitrary date of 1935, but I have no idea if that is correct…


To the best of my knowledge, most of the photos in this Flickr album were taken by my grandmother, Mabel Yourdon, during the 1920s, 30s, and 40s. Most of them depict scenes of everyday life in mining camps and small towns near the Utah-Colorado border. Some of them show hunting, fishing, and camping trips in unspecified parts of the American west. It appears that a few of them were taken in southern California, when Mabel and her husband Ike traveled out there to visit relatives.

I have no idea what kind of camera Mabel used for these photos, nor what kind of film. There probably wasn’t that much variety available in the 1920s, and she was not a “professional” photographer. So it may have been a Brownie and whatever B/W film Kodak was selling at the time.

My stepfather, Ray Yourdon, was born in 1922; and his older brother, Marvin, was born two years before that. You’ll see photos of Ray and Marvin when they were young boys, when they were in high school, and when they went off to join the Navy and the Marines to fight in World War II.

Somewhere around 2005, I asked Ray if he could tell me the details of some of the photos; where possible, I have included those details in the notes for the photos. Some of the photos obviously evoked pleasant memories, and I heard stories about minor day-to-day events in his life that I had never heard before. But we rarely got through more than a few pictures before he ran out of energy; and so many of the photos have no explanation at all.

At this point, my parents and grandparents are all gone. I have cousins who grew up in the same area where these photos were taken, and one or two of them are still in that area. They may be able to fill in a few of the details; otherwise, you’ll just have to accept these photos as a glimpse of what life was like nearly a hundred years ago …

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First Date Ideas: Consider These Points

Everyone is on a look out for some great first date ideas for that perfect date. No matter, how you two met or who invited whom for the first date, it is always a nervous and delicate phase for both of you. There are some dates that go flawless, leading to more dates in future and a beautiful relationship. In some cases, despite of their liking for each other, the partners mess up the first date, never to go for another date again. To make the date as perfect as you can, consider some points before executing any given first date idea.

Start Small And Keep It Friendly:

The purpose of going on a first date, is to know each other better, for this, you need nice, long conversations. You must choose a place, which encourages informal conversation and does not cost you heavily for spending hours there. Select the venue based on the weather too; if it’s warm you may take a walk in the park or on the beach. It is a great way to break the ice and get talking. You will find that after a few hours of talking to each other, you know so much about your date.

If the weather is not warm enough, you will have to settle down for indoors. Some great first date ideas for a perfect evening are: going to a concert, movie or theatre, then having dinner afterwards. You may simply select a cafe or a restaurant, to spend hours of uninterrupted talking.

Take care of some specific points when finalizing the first date ideas, the first being noise. The noise level of the place you are going to should be low enough, so that you do not have to shout on top of your voice to converse. Next important thing to keep in mind is the lighting. In a properly lighted setting, you can observe the other person and see his/her expressions and reactions on certain topics.

The other very important issue is the expense factor. Even if you can afford a very expensive evening / day out on your first date, but it might make your date a little uncomfortable. Choose one of the first date ideas; where nobody has to spend lots and both can be spared of some added tensions, the heavy expense can create.

The best first date ideas will be to go for a place which is cozy, informal, decent with a friendly atmosphere, where you can spend hours talking easily. First date ideas which are too fancy or sophisticated, might go wrong, because your date might not show his/her true personality and might be intimidated by the formal place. So, keep it simple and sweet and try to converse a lot, to know each other better.

Denise Villani an author and the webmaster of several article directories. Find more articles and information by visiting .

1985 Ford Escort RS Turbo
date ideas
Image by charlie cars
This was rather satisfying to see outside a show, and uncovered in winter. It’s a great original looking Escort RS Turbo, which i think they all came in white? But this looked excellent, and good to see it outside. I imagine this is worth a large amount, and potential thieves would be plenty, so it’s a good idea of the owner to have that post blocking it. Currently SORNed for Winter I’m guessing.

Registration number: C466 EYC
Expires: 05 August 2015
Vehicle make FORD
Date of first registration 01 October 1985
Year of manufacture 1985
Cylinder capacity (cc) 1597cc
Fuel type PETROL
Export marker No
Vehicle status SORN in place
Vehicle colour WHITE

Online Dating – First Date Ideas In Sydney

Online Dating brings you together. Chat, get to know each other then arrange to meet in arguably the most beautiful city in Australia, Sydney. But where to eat? Online Dating Sites suggests some first date ideas in Sydney.

Sydney, Australia, is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Sydney is very much dominated by its enormous harbour and absolutely stunning beaches running for kilometres along the city’s eastern edge. Sydney is the oldest city in Australia and this is very much reflected in the “convict” architecture of the inner city. Due to the multiculturalism of Sydney, the city is very cosmopolitan, and has an astonishing array of foods and restaurants from around the globe. Sydney is also the second largest gay city in the world.

So many locations! So many styles of restaurants! We have compiled this article to make a first date restaurant selection a little easier. Move on from chat stage of the online dating process and hook up in person.

Expensive Restaurants. (Get out the Platinum Card.)

The inner city of Sydney offers plenty of choices for fine dining. Select from restaurants situated right on the world famous Sydney Harbour, or opt for a restaurant housed in a building featuring the rustic, sand stone colonial architecture. The Rocks is an area located right in the middle of Sydney City itself. This is a meeting place where the Harbour and old character buildings adjoin each other. Totally impossible to select just the one restaurant from this location.

Circular Quay is another ideal area to have dinner in Sydney. There is plenty of public transport and you are right on Sydney Harbour. We liked the Oyster Bar due to its helpful staff, fantastic views, and diverse menu. Why not take a ferry ride after your meal to finish off the perfect first date? Bistro Lulu in the inner city Eastern suburb of Paddington offers an intimate ambiance and a fantastic French menu. If you want to blow your date away with a superb vista over the entire city of Sydney, then Forty One Restaurant is the venue for you. This restaurant is open for dinner Monday to Saturday and is located in the Chifley Tower in the centre of Sydney city.

Cheap and Cheerful. (You won’t need an overdraft.)

Sydney is famous for its plethora of cheap and cheerful eateries. These are perfect for the financially challenged, and for those who don’t necessarily want to make their date uncomfortable by throwing the cash around on the first date. If you are going the cheap and cheerful alternative we recommend selecting a restaurant with plenty of character.

Radio Cairo definitely fits the bill with its ambiance and fantastic food. The menu for this eatery in Cremorne is based, not surprisingly, on North African cuisine. This restaurant gets a big tick for character and tasty food at an affordable price. Its location means that after your meal you can cross the road and catch a movie at the Orpheum, the only remaining Art Deco Cinema in Sydney. You can even grab a coffee or drink in this celebration of past architecture.

The Wet Paint Cafe in Bronte Beach, the eastern suburbs of Sydney also gets a big tick. This eatery features affordable Cajun style food with a touch of romance in the candlelit surrounds. One word, try and book a table for the front as the back of the cafe is a bit space challenged. Oscar’s near Darling Harbour is another great location as they have comfortable lounges you can settle back in with your date after your meal. This bar/restaurant/pub offers mid week specials with the bubbly and lobster being a steal.

Use this article for some great first date restaurant suggestions. Your online dating first encounter needn’t be a trial. Sydney, Australia offers a huge variety of restaurants for the new couple to select from.

waiting for breakfast and sunnier days
date ideas
Image by This Rules
I think it’s time to be honest about this. I had an idea for an epic morning date/adventure with this young lady. This place overlooks a good bit of the Columbia River Gorge, and I just knew it would be amazing up there no matter what happened. To be sure, I brought bacon, eggs, orange juice and coffee and we did our best to make it to the top right about when the sun was rising. I have this terrible habit of blindly throwing myself wholeheartedly into fresh romance, and have generally had little concept of what my actions must feel like to the women I’ve dated. Essentially, this particular morning prompted the lady pictured to tell me she was falling in love with me. I think we’d been dating for less than a month. I always have felt obligated to say that back to someone when they say it to me, probably a holdover from my militant parents. She later convinced me to let her move to Boston, MA with me as I had decided to pursue a career in architecture to rescue myself from corporate job hell. I begrudgingly obliged despite the burgeoning sea of red flags emblazoned underneath my eyelids, and the denial I was in about my entire future caused the relationship to quickly fizzle out and she now dreads seeing me at all. This is not an uncommon story for me.

First Date Ideas – Dating tips for ladies

This Great First Date Ideas is largely for girls but men might similarly benefit from it. It can be complicated to be a lady in the dating arena. A ton of things can easily fail for you greater than it can for your male counterpart. Plus, men can be actually dense about a few things. Well, no concerns. Here are a few Great First Date Ideas on what to do and not to do during a date:

1) Timing is very important – Timing as in ‘on time’. No matter what they say, there is no such thing as ‘fashionably late’. For the first date, this can easily offer the guy jitters and make him think that you’ve stood him up. For the later dates, having him await you in the living-room for half an hour with either your roommate, your sister or, worse, your dad is not something you want him to do – whether it be for the embarrassing tales or Dad’s ‘eyes of doom’.

2) Keep your head on straight – Yes, we all understand dates are supposed to be enjoyable, but recognizing exactly what’s going on is important both for your own security and for you enjoy life. Is your date acting suspicious or just worried? Possibly you ‘d desire to end the date early or do something to soothe him down. Is he taking notice of just what you’re donning or simply ogling? The selection to either wink at him or merely look knowingly is up to you. Is his attention on you or the lady alongside you? You could desire to reward him with a smile or a slap. Situational interest is not merely for soldiers on the front but also for young women on the prowl.

3) Be delightful – Have a good attitude, discover things that you like and inform him. Compliment him about his clothing, how he looks and exactly how well the date is going. It puts him at ease and additionally makes him feel essential. It even shows him that you’re taking notice of him and you appreciate him. But, don’t lie. Like I said, examine the bright side of things – the service of the restaurant might have been lagging however the ambience was terrific. Try creating it into a habit, you typically aren’t lying – you’re simply being diplomatic!

4) Do not complain – This may be technically part of idea 3, however it is entitled to a distinct heading. This doesn’t mean that you should not tell him that something is wrong or something makes you uncomfortable. The method you expression it and the tone you make use of is very important right here. ‘Venting’, like we do with our girl friends, is not going to review well with him because he’ll undoubtedly misinterpret it. Grin and bear it then advise him after the date in calm, reasoned tones your problem. Trust me, he’ll recognize and he’ll try to make it up to you.

5) Enjoy the date – A date is an opportunity to get to recognize each additional and to get a kick out of yourselves. Have entertainment during the date. Try not to be hyper-critical and simply take things in stride. If you’re not having entertainment, your date will definitely see and, trust me, he will certainly get nervous which will probably begin ruining the experience for both of you. Also, merely let your guard down for a little while. Let him see the genuine you. He might or could not like it, however in the end he will certainly appreciate the sincerity of the act. If he doesn’t like you for you, why should you keep on dating?

6) Later on, show interest – If you truly like the man, waiting for the phone call after an effective date is nerve-wracking. You know he’s interested and you’re definitely interested, you’re just waiting for him to call you so you could organize one more date. Talk about the date and exactly how you had enjoyable and provide hints.

7) Be constant – For those who have actually crossed the ‘First Date’ Rubicon, attempt preserving the impression you made on him on that first date. Men don’t like surprises apart from, of course, if they plan them. This does not imply, nevertheless, that you’ll merely offer him the first date you. Talk to each some other, both on and off dates, to get to understand each additional more. Just what he got on the first date was a sneak peek, just what he must receive from your proceeded dating ought to be the whole reel.

Well, there they are 7 tips for dating success! Ideally, this Great First Date Ideas can help lead you through today’s tough tangle of relationships. Here is the end of my Great First Date Ideas. Satisfied searching!

Series of Images from SOHO
date ideas
Image by NASA on The Commons
The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO), a joint project of the European Space Agency and NASA, took this sequence of images with the Extreme Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope, one of the observatory’s 12 instruments. Easily visible on the lower left side is an "eruptive prominence" or blob of 60,000 F (33,315 C) gas measuring more than 80,000 miles (128,747 km) long. When the observatory took the image on February 11, 1996, the blob was traveling at more than 15,000 mph (24,140 kph). Eruptions such as these occur when a significant amount of cool dense plasma or ionized gas escapes from the low-level magnetic fields in the Sun’s atmosphere. When they occur, they sometimes disrupt power and communications. With SOHO, scientists hope to observe these events more often and perhaps get a better idea of how they occur. SOHO observed these events during the minimum phase of the Sun’s 11-year activity cycle.

Image # : 091
Date: February 11, 1996

Fun First Date Ideas for a Successful First Date

If your idea of first date is still limited to dinner and watching movie, then it looks like you need to spice up your dating life. It is because your idea of a fun first date seems to be old fashion. You may think that this article will be useful to enhance the momentum of your dating life. Presented here are some tips to add a little spice in your dating life.

Tip #1 – Ask your date what she would like to do. Sometimes, men fail to ask their date about their cool first date ideas. Knowing what your woman wants would make it a lot easier for you to plan things. Her inputs will provide you with creative ideas on how to make her feel special.

Tip#2 – Go to the beach. Most beaches provide the opportunity to get comfortable with one another and is surely one of the effective fun first date ideas. It is a venue wherein it is neither too crowded nor too intimate. You have the chance to spend time together less the interruptions from other people.

Lesson #3 – Bring her to art museums and art galleries. The beautiful work of art will provide you endless topics to discuss about on your first date. Art pieces are interpreted by the person who views it; this will allow you to learn some things about your date too. But you have to make sure that her interest is not focused on the art pieces alone; be always on your toes to keep her interested in you.

Tip#4 – Try to do extreme sports such as rock climbing may not be one of those romantic date ideas. It is definitely an exciting first date most especially if the woman enjoys the outdoors. A first date which is activity-based will lessen the moments of awkwardness as you try to get to know each other. Rock climbing will provide you the adrenaline rush and will keep you energize throughout your date.

Tip#5 – Go sightseeing. If you plan to go sightseeing, you have to make sure that you take your date to a place where there are lots of things to see. You can visit downtown areas because there are usually a lot of parks where you can stroll; at the same time you still get to enjoy the city life. Sightseeing provides the impression that you can share variety of things together. You will be more comfortable with each other in short span of time and would make a successful first date too.

First date provides an opportunity for you to give a good impression. It takes a lot of guts to ask someone for a first date. Getting your date to say yes is not something that all men experience. Being called as “just another guy” is not something that you would want to hear. If you want to get that second date, you must come up with fun first date ideas.

If you liked this article then here are others: romantic first date ideas or try these fun first date ideas