3 Perfect First Dates Ideas for Building Attraction

Your first date with a woman is one of the most important steps towards build attraction.

Without mutual attraction and interest, you’ll have little chance of going on a future date or building a relationship.

That’s why it’s vital that you take her to right place on your first date.

Now the one mistake guys make is to appear too overeager by brining women to fancy restaurant or buying her expensive gifts.

By doing this, you’re only setting an uncomfortable situation. In addition it does nothing to build attraction.

So to have a great first date where you can build attraction, you should think of places which can provide memorable and fun time. In short you want to go to place where you can establish an emotional and physical connection. Then if you enjoy your date, then you plan a second date which is more traditional- like taking her to a restaurant.

If you’re stuck with where to go, then you can use the three first date ideas I’ve included below:

Perfect First Date Idea #1- Meet for drinks or coffee

Although meeting her for drinks or coffee is a typical idea used by many guys, it still provides an effective environment for getting to know a woman.

When you meet at a place like this, you’ll be able to talk n a casual manner without the feeling of pressure like you would at restaurant.

In addition at a bar or coffee shop, you’ll be in close proximity to one another which alls you to establish physical contact. So you’ll be able to flirt and do things to build attraction.

Perfect First Date Idea #2- Play games

Another great place for a first date is a place where you can enjoy playful games like a video arcade, pool hall, miniature golf, or the boardwalk.

What’s great about this idea is you’re easing the tension which often happens on the first date. You can enjoy yourself while playfully competing with this woman.

Perfect First Date Idea #3- Get physical

The final first date is to do something which involves engaging in a physical activity. This could be hiking, ice skating or rollerblading.

This is an incredible way to have fun while figuring out if she has an adventurous attitude.

These three first date ideas can be an excellent way to build attraction and rapport. They all provide a fun while avoiding the pressures of the dates which seem more like job interview.

All you have to do is keep things low key and fun. Then you use the fun experience to build towards a second date and quite possibly a long term relationship.

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[This is one of 5 images] This abandoned log house had some very serious issues; image 5 shows how the right wall has buckled and split, and image 4 shows either a replacement wall or one built this way out of necessity. The bottom of the front door is flush with the ground, and the bottoms of the two lower front windows are no more 2 feet from the ground. Also the placement of windows in the front façade is irregular I didn’t know that people painted log homes. I have no idea of the date or any history regarding this building except that this is definitely vernacular architecture. Taken June, 2011—I’ve not passed by this house since then and don’t know if the building is still standing. Located near Chase City, Mecklenburg County, Virginia.

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Romantic Ideas for Romantic Dates

Sometimes it can be hard to find a great romantic date or think of great romantic ideas. Valentine’s Day is only once a year and then there are certainly expectations, however, the rest of the year can be just as important. The good news is that if you get just a few hints and tips you can be filled with romantic ideas to please your wife.

A great idea is to not limit your thought of a romantic date to a several hour or one night event. You can make it a great weekend getaway and there are boundless options. You can drive out to a quick getaway out of town or try out a special bed and breakfast or resort. If you can’t make a weekend out of it, just drive out for a day trip to someplace new.

A simple change to the tried and true classics and romantic dates can quickly turn worn out dates into romantic wonders. Instead of going out for dinner and drinks in the same city you always do, go to the next closest big city. New restaurants, new sights and a new atmosphere is a sure bet for a romantic date. These create great shared memories and experiences and inject excitement into the relationship.

More romantic date ideas can always be found close to home though. With a little effort you can find many different, new romantic ideas that you never realized. Trips to museums, parks, new restaurants, local fairs and events and anything else along those lines are great for romantic dates.

Other small touches can go a long way to turning just another night into a memorable romantic date. Buying flowers for your wife when they aren’t expected is always a great romantic gesture. You can rent out a limo for a night and go out on the town as if it was your prom all over again. Small changes like these are unexpected and can easily impress.

The typical date ideas everybody knows about and everybody tries have been around for a long time for a reason. Some might seem boring, but taking them to another level is a great romantic date idea. Go for a candle lit dinner, except rent out an entire section of the restaurant. Or cook up a romantic feast at your home and do all of the work – with candles through the house (be safe, though).

Romantic date ideas can come at any time and any place. They don’t have to be reserved for a weekend or a once a month affair, the more the better. The more of these romantic date ideas you use, the more your love will be affectionately drawn towards you.

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Image by 神鵰俠侶之隆兒與樂兒 Lung Er & Le Er
這裡是新北市三重區幸福水漾公園內的情定I Love You 區…很多結婚照多在這裡拍….大犬與小犬多不配合只有架腳架拍先拍ㄧ張回去做框在拍ㄧ次
One of my Flickr friends from China, Samahaha would like to surprise his girlfriend by collecting 30 photos (or more) from different cities. Each photo contains a message of " Hu, Wenting, I love you" and a local landmark building or unique natural landscape. I think this is a brilliant idea and heart-warming project. This is the shot for his project. If you are interested in this project, please leave a message here or contact with him directly : 542237257@qq.com. The due date is March 31st, 2013. Looking forward to your participation!
來自中國湖北的一位網友,胡博陽,想要在他與女朋友認識100天時,給他女朋友一個驚喜,方式是蒐集來自全球各地30個(或以上)的城市地標或自然風 景的照片,上面有「胡文婷,我愛你」的字樣。我覺得這真是個很溫馨的計畫,所以想要協助他完成這個夢想,希望各位福利課的大大們,能夠一起協助他。截 稿日期是2013年3月31日,如果您有時間想要共襄盛舉,請在此留下訊息,或是直接與胡博陽聯絡 542237257@qq.com!