Fun Dating Ideas You Can Do For A Change

Dating is, of course, something that we love doing. Spending some time with that special someone is something that we often want to be fun, enjoyable and exciting.

Dating, especially first dates are meant to get to know the person well and it could be done in many ways than having the usual dinner dates. If you eventually love to know more about the person and bring her to another date, it might be a little too boring to invite her to the usual dinner date or so. Aside from these common dating activities, you can also try to think of unique and fun dating ideas that will make you both enjoy your time together.

Whether you are with someone who is quite shy or someone who is an achiever, getting into fun activities would surely bring out that fun side in each other. If you are looking for unique or fun dating ideas, here are a few ideas that I personally think are fun, exciting and romantic date ideas.

1. Walking or Jogging. Having an early morning exercise together can be fun. You can also share breakfast or coffee together. Starting the day with these activities can boost your energy for the whole day and most importantly, you can always have an excuse if the date turned out to be not the type you want.

2. Wall Climbing. If you are adventurous but cannot find some outdoor places to go to, you can also try wall climbing. It could bring out the adventurous side of you and your date.

3. Take a Joyride. You do not have to be in the same old car. You can go for a joyride on a bike and when you need a little conversation, you can always stop at some great place where you can just lay your picnic basket and share a good laugh and a nice conversation.

4. Amusement Park. You can have an excuse to hold her hand while on a rollercoaster ride, or an excuse to wrap your arms around her on fun amusement park rides. Indeed, it can be a good way to make dates fun. Just make sure neither of you have fear of heights.

5. Water Fun. If you are near the beach or a lake, and of course if it is a summer date, water adventures can be fun to spend the day with your date. Kayaking can be enjoyable and you still get to talk about each other’s lives while doing the activity. If you are a little more adventurous, you can try parasailing as well.

6. Horseback Riding. You may have seen it in the movies but you can also have a romantic date in a horseback. Take lessons from experts so you can both enjoy from the experience.

These fun dating ideas can be just a few of the many things you can enjoy with your partner. You can always be creative on your dates and find more ways to make your time enjoyable and fun. Dates need not be too serious, and it is sometimes in enjoying fun activities like this that you get to see the beauty of the person you are with.

Carolyn Anderson is a freelance author who is a fan of books on love and romance. For more creative date ideas, you can check out 300 Creative Dates. Also check out Guy Gets Girl, where you can find proven techniques on making a woman fall for you.

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