Creative Aand Cheap Date Ideas

Whether you have dated a lot of people casually or you have been dating the same person for awhile, you may be looking for some creative date ideas. Dinner and a movie every time you go out can get a little bit stale, but there are some fun things that you can do to spice it up a bit. Even if you enjoy the dinner and movie tidbit, you can add something else in there every once and again to keep things interesting!

Do Something Creative
Many times we think about dating and we want to be entertained, by why not entertain yourselves? Why not create a painting together or pottery, or even make a sculpture out of recyclable goods? This is something that you can do together or you can even have a contest to see who can finish their project first. This can be very sensual or just a new and different way to connect.

Get Exploring
Want to do something fun and exciting on your date? Why not agree to go hiking or for a walk or bike ride to an area that neither of you has been to before? Skinny dipping, swimming, river rafting, scuba diving, these are all things that you could do along the way and it will allow you to see the person in a whole new way!

Do Something Good
Make time to do something good on a date. Instead of visiting the same restaurant and the same movie theatre, why not join forces on a date and do something good. This could be visiting an old folk’s home and cheering up the residents, helping with cleaning up a local park, volunteering, etc. This will bring out the best in both of you and it will set a good precedent.

Work with Animals
Animals can bring out the best in all of us. Get together and be a part of a pet adoption day or just bring your own pets to a dog park or something of this nature. This will have both of you laughing and sharing in a way that most of us do not on a first date, or on any kind of date.

Thinking outside the box for a date really will spice things up. The person that you are dating will thank you for your creativity as they will find that dinner and a movie is not all that is out there for them to do. Dating should be fun, it shouldn’t be something that you do automatically, instead it should be something that you put a little bit of thought into, always keeping things interesting.

Rodrigo Rehn is a Relationships Expert, Linux Systems Administrator, Web Programmer, PHP Developer and CEO of FaceRomance online dating for singles.

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I feel like I’m top of the world! Except I have acrophobia so with that feeling of top of the world comes feelings of nausea and dizziness haha.

Last few days have been totally mental. Started off with me finally getting the results from my Masters exams – PASS! That was a shock because I was really ill during the exams, got panic attacks every single day, heavily drugged up and couldn’t complete the paper for two of my courses. When I saw my statement of results, I was so shocked but grateful, I burst out in tears 😀

Then it was end of Ramadan (which was sad) and beginning of Eid (happy) – frantic family gatherings and eating coma-inducing food. Asian gatherings = food feasts so at some point I started feeling sick and because I’m a hypochondriac, I was convinced I had diabetes so I spent a few days refusing to eat food and generally freaking out haha. But after a few days of regular training & avoiding sugar/carbs, I felt back to normal just in time for my birthday cake 😀

Back in London, this time coincided with my aunt coming over from Desh so we had another gathering / birthday celebration. I’m at that age precipice to the Asian date-of-expiry (Adoe) for girls so I didn’t even realise that it was already August and slowly creeping up to my ageing-day. Anyway, I’ve decided I’m going to be at this age for the next 6 years so problem sorted.

We have three weddings coming up so this is also a time for the familial flocks to all gather from America, Canada, Australia, Switzerland and of course Bangladesh! HOUSE-FULL. This would normally be great except FrAsians (fresh Asians) have no concept of private space and I’m an only child, I NEED my Space … so not so great.

I also finally turned on my phone after a month of being dead and was attacked by a bunch of happy/concerned/angry texts over the course of time so I’m in kind of a tricky situation. On top of that, this dissertation creeped up on my arse and now I’m freaking out because I HAVE NO TIME LEFT! I mean, I thought I had time, but I didn’t take into account the family and the weddings so I’m feeling a bit frantic.

Things at work are picking up, which is both a good and a bad thing. Its good because it means funding money yay. But its bad because it means that my usually dormant role has become more active right when I’m feeling scarce in terms of time. I also have to juggle in a trip to Taiwan and I’m worried I might not be able to make it (already cancelled Vietnam/Singapore)!

So, as you can see if you’ve read this, feeling top of the world pretty much goes hand in hand with feeling nauseous, dizzy and overwhelmed. I also feel really really tired, I have no idea why but its really exhausting, feeling so tired 🙁 anyhow I suppose this is good-bye because I think I’m going to have to take a break from Flickr as well (I’ve already shut down the blog / FB / Twitter / etc.). I’ll see you when I see you (you better miss me and notice my absence peeps) 😀

Ciao for now! ox