Things To Know In Fun First Date Ideas

Are you at a diminution for first date ideas and having trouble approaching women because of it? You’re probably aware that old “dinner and a movie” thing went out of date with jackets, Corvettes and Bon Jovi’s music.

So what are a great time date ideas that can help add momentum to your dating life? If this is something you’ve been asking yourself, here are five great ideas to jazz up your dating life…

1) Ask Her What She Likes to Do

Yes, I realize that this sounds obvious. But how often do you actually ask a woman what she likes to do for enjoyment before she realizes that you’re about to ask her out? Chances are she’ll be eager to tell you as long as she thinks you’re just asking.

2) The Beach

This might not be a possibility depending on where you live, but it can be an exhilarating opportunity to get comfortable with some. At most beaches, there is enough going on to where you don’t feel like it’s too confidential or intimate….which is more comfortable for her.

3) Art Shows or Art Museums

Most art is either subtly sexual or very avid in nature, and is likely to bring out that kind of answer in her (at least a little bit). Sure, you still have to make certain that she’s concerned in you instead of the art. But this will also give you something interesting to discuss and help you learn slightly about how she interprets things.

4) Rock Climbing or Hiking

There are most likely several other things of this nature that you can ponder which might be good for a woman who is active or who likes the outdoors.

5) Sight Seeing

This kind of first date is only effective if you take her to a place where she has the opportunity to see a variety of things. Some cities have downtown areas which are great for sightseeing because they have many unique shops and businesses. Downtown areas are also good because many of them have parks you can walk in so that you can get the very best of the outdoors and of the city life.

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date ideas
Image by papu rapu
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psychedelic/surreal film shoot entirely on analog 35mm SLR camera:

972 pictures
27 film rolls
16 hours of scanning
one month of editing and post-production.
2 kilos of niter

dir, dop, music – Pawel Uniatowicz
assistant director – Sylwester Bednarek
the spirit of the project – Karolina Jankowska

what’s the date today? the rabbit took the clock, watched it for a little while whereupon he threw it into a cup of tea
we were ready to tell who we are yesterday morning, but since then we had to change many times.
most importantly, we haven’t lost our craving for tea.
finally we’ve managed to put all of our words, meanings and reflections together. it’s all ready! now it contains everything we are!

The film is intended to promote lapanika space and ideas as a place to be a part of.
lapanika is a little bit of space in the heart of Wrocław(Poland). A place where people shop as well as coexist both with art and themselves. You can also buy clothes or get your clothes designed.
you can sit down, relax, have a chat, a tea, a lemonade, a laugh.
stay late at the bar if you just feel like it.


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