Do You Have Any Hot Date Ideas?

If you have just met somebody new, you will undoubtedly be feeling the buzz of excitement that you get, accompanied by a strong sense of anticipation. Maybe this guy is finally the one for you, the one that you have been waiting for all this time? Now you need to come up with some really hot date ideas to show him what you are made of.

Your new relationship has to work this time as you are tired of all those failed on-again, off-again deals. There’s nothing worse than the feeling of elation and then rejection, when all you really want to do is to have companionship and settlement. You may be apprehensive about spoiling things this time, but if you can create some really hot date ideas you should have a good chance.

When guys and girls are thinking about spending some time together, especially if it is early in a relationship phase, they often choose for the mundane and predictable. Don’t think that you have to spend your Saturday night at a club, just because it is traditional to do so. You have to come up with some hot date ideas to create a much-needed spark.

While you might not think that it would be the craziest idea, spending time together in the kitchen making something really nice can be a great bonding experience for you both. Add a little wine here and there and the correct ambience and you can even include some of those great libido enhancing ingredients in your meal!

Traditionally, we believe that guys are not really interested in spa treatments, but you will undoubtedly be surprised if you set something up with him. Sure, it is not the cheapest of all your options, but you will both undoubtedly feel very radiant when you leave there and you will always remember such a good experience.

You can really make a hot date idea out of something mundane, if you are creative. Just add a special twist to an everyday task and you can strike two birds with one stone — taking care of a chore and having fun with your new love interest at the same time.

There was a time when the girl would always let the guy take the lead and come up with the next move. We live in more liberated times now and it is perfectly acceptable for you to come up with a hot date idea as well as he.

When you get to know him a little bit more, you can really go to town with those new and hot date ideas. Just keep some of the more crazy concepts in hand for a little while, until you can be sure that you’re not going to scare him off. Seriously, though, you will soon uncover some ideas that are of great interest to both of you and will make a good foundation for the future.

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IMG_2531B Pieter Bruegel II 1564 1638. Anvers.
date ideas
Image by jean louis mazieres
Pieter Bruegel II 1564 1638. Anvers. Retour de pélérinage Bruxelles. Musées Royaux des Beaux Arts de Belgique. signé
On peut observer que les retours de pèlerinages n’étaient pas tristes. Non les populations ne vivaient pas dans la terreur des enfers !

Pieter Bruegel II 1564 1638. Antwerp. Back of pilgrimage Brussels. Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium. signed
One can observe that pilgrimages returns were not sad. No people were not living in terror of hell!

Contrairement à une idée reçue et considérée comme une évidence à notre époque, le Beau n’est pas subjectif. Non, le Beau n’est pas seulement une question de goût personnel.
La preuve que le Beau existe est qu’il est reconnu et admis de manière unanime par les opinions publiques, et celle des spécialistes, pour des millions d’ oeuvres dont les dates de création vont de – 3000 à nos jours.
Il n’y a absolument aucune discussion quant à l’existence du Beau de l’Art Egyptien à l’Art Moderne, même malgré la diversité des cultures et des civilisations.
Ce qui est subjectif ce sont les préférences des individus. Ce qui est subjectif c’est quand une personne préfère les fresques romanes ou l’art du gothique international à la peinture de la Renaissance Italienne. Quand une personne préfère Lorenzo Monaco à Masaccio ou Tintorêt à Véronèse.
Quand une personne préfère l’art du paysage ou la peinture de moeurs à la peinture religieuse.
Quand je dis que j’aime pas le Corrège, le Gréco ou Paul Signac je ne fais qu’énoncer une préférence subjective, personnelle, mais je ne dis pas que les oeuvres du Corrège, du Gréco et de Signac ne sont pas belles, et ces oeuvres restent communément admises comme belles malgré mes préférences personnelles.
On peut préférer les Impressionnistes aux Académiques, mais personne n’a prétendu que la peinture des Académiques n’était pas belle.
Si on avait dit à Fra Angelico, à Raphaël ou à Rubens que le Beau n’existe pas et est affaire purement subjective, ils auraient haussé les épaules.
Le Beau peut d’autre part prendre des formes différentes selon les cultures ou les civilisations. Il reste qu’il est reconnu comme Beau dans son domaine culturel et même à l’extérieur.
Personnellement je n’aime pas l’art amérindien (sculpture et peinture) mais personne n’a jamais revendiqué pour lui la liberté d’être laid.
La peinture des lettrés chinois est très particulière, il est possible à titre individuel de ne pas l’apprécier, mais il serait stupide de parler à son propos d’un Art du laid.
L’affirmation que le Beau n’existe pas et est affaire purement subjective est une idée fausse, conçue au cours du 20è siècle pour des motifs idéologiques, politiques et économiques.
Elle permet notamment de fabriquer et de vendre du Laid, ce qui est une excellente affaire. Avec cette conséquence que cette idée profitable est largement diffusée dans le grand public. C’est tout simplement de la désinformation. A notre époque on peut répandre en quelques heures dans le monde entier une idée fausse et la faire passer pour une vérité d’évidence. Nos élites ne s’en privent pas.

Contrary to received and regarded as a highlight in our time, the beautiful is not subjective. No, the beautiful is not only a matter of personal taste.
Proof that beauty exists is that it is recognized and accepted unanimously by the public opinion, and that of specialists, for millions of works whose creation dates go-3000 to the present day.
There is absolutely no discussion about the existence of the Beau of the Egyptian Art in Modern Art, even despite the diversity of cultures and civilizations.

What is subjective what are the preferences of individuals. What is subjective is when a person prefers Romanesque frescoes or the art of international Gothic painting of the Italian Renaissance. When a person prefers Lorenzo Monaco to Masaccio or Tintoretto to Veronese.
When a person prefers the art of the landscape or the painting of morals to religious painting.
When I say that I love not Correggio, the Greco or Paul Signac I do that State a preference subjective, personal, but I do not say that the works of Correggio, Greco and Signac are not beautiful, and these works are accepted as beautiful despite my personal preferences.
One may prefer the Impressionists to the academic, but nobody argued that the academic painting was not beautiful.
If someone had told to Fra Angelico, Raphaël or Rubens that beauty does not exist and is purely subjective matter, they would have shrugged.
The beautiful can furthermore take different forms depending on the cultures or civilizations. Still, it is recognized as beautiful in its cultural domain and even outdoors.
Personally I do not like the native American art (sculpture and painting) but nobody has never claimed for him the freedom to be ugly.
The Chinese literati painting is very special, it is possible to individually do not appreciate it, but it would be foolish to talk to his remarks of an Art of the ugly.
The assertion that beauty does not exist and is purely subjective case is a fake, designed idea during the 20th century for ideological, political and economic reasons.
It allows to make and sell the Ugly, which is an excellent deal. With the result that this profitable idea is widely disseminated in the general public. It’s just misinformation. In our time we can spread in hours around the world and a misconception to impersonate an obvious truth. Our elites do not hesitate.

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