Romantic First Date Ideas for a Memorable Date

Perfect romantic first date ideas are not easily conceived especially if the guy is not an expert in this particular area. If you want to make your date feel special but you are devoid of the imaginative ideas to do it, then you may find these pointers useful. If you are one of those men, who is not good in planning for a romantic date, check out the tips provided below. Who knows these steps may get you a notch higher and give you a chance to get repeat dates.

Romantic date will surely include spreading the blanket. Oops! I do not mean the bedroom blanket; spread the picnic blanket for a romantic picnic date. A day before your date, you can ask her to help you shop for the food and drinks that you are going to use. A picnic under the moonlight is also a perfect setting for a romantic first date.

Giving red roses to your special girl will certainly complete the romantic date. If money is not a problem, then giving her dozen of roses is probably one of the most romantic ideas on first date. The flowers will sure send the message on how important she is for you and would melt her heart too. The spark that you will witness in her eyes indicates how she appreciates your effort. However do not give her the bouquet of roses while you are in the restaurant, it will be quite awkward for her to carry the flowers all throughout your date.

A gift from you is also an indication on how thoughtful and romantic you are. As much as possible do not give expensive gift on your first date. You have to get to know her first before you give her a pricey gift during your date. It would also be quite difficult for you to top the gift you that you have given her especially if you will have repeat dates. To be on the safe side, you can bring her favourite dessert as your initial present, it shows that you did your assignment on researching what she actually likes.

If you are out on romantic first date, you can do a little flirting as well. Look at your date as if she is the most beautiful woman in the restaurant but avoid staring at her. Compliment her looks, her taste of wine or anything that you think is worth your compliment. You can get a little touchy too on appropriate areas such as her hands, cheeks and even the corner of her lips. Your sweet smile is always one of the best ways to add romance on your first date.

Your first date provides you the opportunity to get to know each other. Let her discover your romantic side during the course of your date. Your goal is to have a great time together and not to feel stressful during the time you are together. There is no need to go overboard just to show your romantic side; you have tome make her feel comfortable and special with your romantic first date ideas.

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Frame Work (Week Two of Fifty-Two)
date ideas
Image by Auzigog

This photo:
I saw this photo while looking at entries to the diyphotography.net/portrait-professional-8-give-away. The photo was stuck in my head all day. I loved the curves and simplicity. I don’t like my version of it as much as because I am scruffy faced guy, unlike the subject in the original photo.

One reason that I’ve taken photos with black background for the first two weeks is because nothing in my house works as a good backdrop for photos. I’ll have to find some way to work around that.

I submitted my favorite portrait to the contest.

This week:
Went to the beach with my good friend Lisa. I got some really amazing photos that I’m excited to have time to edit and upload. I also went to see Jason Webley play his accordian at WOW Hall. The show was far better than I could’ve hoped. Partially because I was accompanied by lovley girl who I hope to see more of in the future. 🙂

I’ve been in touch with a local wedding photographer, Sherrlyn Borkgren, for the past month about being her assistant. I’m doing it for free to get an idea how real wedding photography works. We had a meeting today and confirmed that I’ll be helping her with two weddings at the end of August. If all goes well, she’ll hire me to be her assistant on all the weddings she does. It’d be nice to pay off all this camera gear I buy!

Peaked at #2 in explore for August 8th, 2008! What the heck! I didn’t expect that!

Strobist: One SB-28 right behind my head. 1/8 power.

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