Where You Shouldn’t Go On Your First Date

First impressions are everything, so it’s important to make a good one on your first date. Conversation and chemistry will definitely help you charm a open heart but if you’re in a loud place, that charm counts for nothing. If you don’t hit it off on the first date, the chances of having a second are slim to none. Your first date is a chance to get to know the person you’d like a relationship with, so choosing a a good location is key. The following places to avoid are survey results from a popular online dating service. The list is ordered from places to avoid to places that would make a good date.

The first place you should absolutely avoid taking a first date, is a family function of any kind. I’m not even sure why you would want to bring a date to a family function in the first place. Your date is going to be nervous enough trying to impress you, so just imagine how trying to impress you and your family is going to feel. Not to mention that when families get together, there is always some type of shenanigans going on and that could get embarrassing.

The second place you should avoid are dance clubs. They’re noisy, crowded and full of guys looking to pick up women. The objective of a first date isn’t to see if your dates’ hips don’t lie but to see if they have relationship potential and if you have chemistry together. It’s not wrong to dance but for a first date, there are much better places to take your date. In addition to clubs, you should also avoid taking your date to a bar.

Our next place to stay away from is the movie theatre. If you really think you’ll make a connection through an accidental hand-touch when reaching for some popcorn, think again. Spending two hours sitting awkwardly in silence isn’t a great first date. It’s maybe a great third date.

Sporting events are also a place to avoid. Sports definitely doesn’t bring the best out of men, so seeing them in their aggressive alpha-male side isn’t a turn on for many women. Add the fact you’ll be in an environment of drunk fans with loud mouths and you get a date that is less than romantic.

These places are definite no-nos to take your date for the first time. The environment is the most important aspect of a first date. You could be the smartest, most romantic person in the world but if you take your date to a club all they’re going to see is you shaking your bon-bon. When you’re trying to figure out where to take your date, be original and surprising. Instead of taking your date to that awesome ninja-themed restaurant, try an evening stroll with street food and performers. Cheap food and a show. If you met the person on an online dating site, check out their profile to see what they like and try to fit that into the date.

Now that you’ve learned where not to take your date, let’s find you one! Try joining a free online dating site to find someone to take out tonight! Online dating has become one of the easiest ways to find singles and studies show that 1 in 5 marriages stem from Internet dating. Sign up for online dating now!

Moroccan Fountain
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Image by Brett Kiger
This is such a beautiful centerpiece for arguably one of the most authentic and transportive pavilions within World Showcase. I’ve tried several different compositions of this fountain, but this is my favorite to date.

The idea for shallow depth of field came from Jeff Krause who has been experimenting with the Brenzier Method recently. This method allows for a wide view with an extremely shallow depth of field by stitching together images taken with a long, fast lens. While I love the results, I didn’t have the patience for the image capture or processing, so I did this one the old fashion way — a wide, fast lens!

Maybe I’ll try this one again someday actually using the Brenzier Method for even more subject isolation and background blur…

Walt Disney World | Epcot | Morocco


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