How to Plan a Green Date: Eco-Friendly Date Ideas

Running out of date ideas? Are you tired of the usual dinner and movie night outs? Why not impress your special someone by having an eco-friendly date? Aside from having a fabulous time together, a green inspired activity is a great way to minimize damage to the environment.

Here are some clean and green date activities to help you pull off a fun and earth-friendly date:

Forget the car – A little sacrifice goes a long way. While driving is convenient, it creates air pollution. Try walking tours instead and save on fuel consumption while partaking the beauty of your local architecture. Plus, you can lose some calories, too. If walking is such a pain, then opt for public transportation, such as buses and trains. Or better yet, take the bike, which is the most eco-friendly way to get around.

Dine at a local restaurant – Green your dining options, too! Browse your local events guide and check for restaurants in your area that practices green hospitality and cook meals using lesser energy consumption. You can also look for a dining establishment that supports local agriculture or serves organic cuisine.

Visit the farmers market – As going to the farm is rather inconvenient, instead, meet your date on a Saturday morning at a local farmers market and shop for some homegrown produce. Try an organic wine, bread or cheese if you please. A lot of farmers markets are popping up in communities, and visiting one is a wonderful way to support the local agriculture. You will be even surprised to know that these farmers markets not only offer a wide selection of the freshest and luscious fruits, vegetables, meats, seafood, but they also have delectable recipes to share!

Have an earth-friendly picnic at the park – With all those locally grown products you bought, you should consider planning a green picnic at the park. Stay away from plastic utensils and other disposables. Bring your favorite china, silverware, wine glasses, and cloth napkins instead. Whip up some fresh salads, sandwiches, a bottle of wine; pack them neatly in stainless steel food containers, and you’re all set for a hearty meal. Spread the tablecloth or blanket; get cozy and enjoy the fresh air.

Give back to the community – Pledge your date time to a local non-profit organization. You and your significant other can either support a cause by donating or volunteering. For instance, you can serve meals at a soup kitchen or help out a retirement facility. Most big cities also have green projects that you can be part of. Just find something you both enjoy, and beneficial for the community.

Check out the outdoors – What is green dating without heading outdoors? The best earth-friendly date is involving Mother Nature! And your options are simply infinite–hiking, swimming, rafting, skiing, kayaking, sailing, surfing are all fantastic green date ideas that allow you to enjoy nature’s beauty, and each other!

If you are into green living, arrange a perfect date that minimizes carbon footprint and contributes to earth preservation. Just refer to the green dating ideas above, and surely, your date will appreciate you even more. And he or she might be inspired, too, to start a green lifestyle!

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Man feeding chicks?
date ideas
Image by Ed Yourdon
I don’t know who this man is, nor exactly what he was doing when the photo was taken.

There appears to be a chicken on the right side of the photo, and perhaps two little chicks near the man’s hands.

Aside from that, it’s a mystery.

I put in an arbitrary date of 1935, but I have no idea if that is correct…


To the best of my knowledge, most of the photos in this Flickr album were taken by my grandmother, Mabel Yourdon, during the 1920s, 30s, and 40s. Most of them depict scenes of everyday life in mining camps and small towns near the Utah-Colorado border. Some of them show hunting, fishing, and camping trips in unspecified parts of the American west. It appears that a few of them were taken in southern California, when Mabel and her husband Ike traveled out there to visit relatives.

I have no idea what kind of camera Mabel used for these photos, nor what kind of film. There probably wasn’t that much variety available in the 1920s, and she was not a “professional” photographer. So it may have been a Brownie and whatever B/W film Kodak was selling at the time.

My stepfather, Ray Yourdon, was born in 1922; and his older brother, Marvin, was born two years before that. You’ll see photos of Ray and Marvin when they were young boys, when they were in high school, and when they went off to join the Navy and the Marines to fight in World War II.

Somewhere around 2005, I asked Ray if he could tell me the details of some of the photos; where possible, I have included those details in the notes for the photos. Some of the photos obviously evoked pleasant memories, and I heard stories about minor day-to-day events in his life that I had never heard before. But we rarely got through more than a few pictures before he ran out of energy; and so many of the photos have no explanation at all.

At this point, my parents and grandparents are all gone. I have cousins who grew up in the same area where these photos were taken, and one or two of them are still in that area. They may be able to fill in a few of the details; otherwise, you’ll just have to accept these photos as a glimpse of what life was like nearly a hundred years ago …

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