There Are Some Very Affordable Date Ideas

With a tight economy and many different financial responsibilities on your plate, you may be thinking that you just shouldn’t be dating right now. The fact of the matter is that you can date on a budget; you just need to look into different options when it comes to actually going out, whether it is with someone new or in an established relationship. There are some very affordable date ideas that will allow you to have a great time, on little to nothing!

Visit your local winery or even brewery where goods are discounted or even free, Attend an open mic night! You could listen to some great music, poetry, or readings that will really move and entertain you, Take up a new sport together.

Why not learn to play disc golf or ultimate Frisbee? There are a lot of great games out there that you have probably never played before but can learn to play on a small budget and you’ll have fun doing it, Watch a pay-per-view event at home with friends.

Have everyone contribute to the price of the show as well as bring snacks with them–this is easily a full day of entertainment for next to nothing, Head to the beach! You can enjoy the beach for nothing, or if you want to bring some snacks and make a day of it you can go for less than $ 10!

This is a great way to really bond and enjoy quality time with one another, Make dinner. This is a great date idea because it will establish intimacy that you may not have had before and will be cheaper than going out,Go on a picnic, Visit a local school or performing arts center for a free or low cost show, Play a fun game of poker with both of your friends, Rent a couple movies, buy some snacks, and enjoy the night in for less than $ 20!

As you can see, you don’t need a huge budget to create some fantastic dates. All of these dates will work well whether you are planning the evening for someone that you have been in a relationship with for awhile, or if it is someone new that you want to impress.

If you just relax and realize that you don’t have to go into debt to go out you’ll find that there are some great options that will bring you close together without all of the stress about money. When you do away with the expectation of spending a lot of money, you’ll uncover a lot of great ideas for dates.

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Me, my mother, and my grandmother – Washington, Apr 1945
date ideas
Image by Ed Yourdon
This looks like it was taken in Washington, DC — perhaps after Mom divorced Art and moved back to her mother’s house.

I assume the woman on the left is Mom’s mother.

Another photo on the same album page says "April 1945," so I’ve arbitrarily dated this one for mid-April of that year…

I have no idea who took this photo, though my guess is that it was either my mother’s brother or sister.


All of the photos in this album are “originals” from the period when I was an infant in the mid-1940s — i.e., the period before I lived in Omaha, Riverside, Roswell, New York, Ft. Worth, and Denver (photos of which you may have seen already in my Flickr archives).

Before I get into the details, let me make a strong request — if you’re looking at these photos, and if you are getting any enjoyment at all of this brief look at some mundane Americana from 70+ years ago: find a similar episode in your own life, and write it down. Gather the pictures, clean them up, and upload them somewhere on the Internet where they can be found. Trust me: there will come a day when the only person on the planet who actually experienced those events is you. Your own memories may be fuzzy and incomplete; but they will be invaluable to your friends and family members, and to many generations of your descendants.

My own story changes dramatically at this point: the man I’ve presented as my Dad in previous Flickr albums, Ray Yourdon, was actually my stepfather. My birth parents grew up in Washington DC, married, and moved to Florida in the early days of World War II. My birth father worked as a flight instructor for the Air Force, and I was born on an Air Force base near Ft. Walton Beach, in the panhandle section of Florida (which you can read about here, if you’re interested: www.eglin.af.mil )

Some time after that, my parents divorced and my mother moved back to Washington with me, to live with her mother. After a bitter custody battle over me (so I’ve been told), I didn’t see my birth-father again until I was 30—at which point I was surprised to learn that I had three more half-sisters, in addition to the two I had grown up with (i.e., both my mother and my birth-father had remarried after they got divorced from each other). But that’s another story, with another set of photos …

Meanwhile, my mother worked as a secretary in the Pentagon as the war wound down, and when my stepfather ended up in Washington toward the end of his tour of duty in the Navy, they met, and married, and moved to Denver to begin a new life … chapters of which you’ve been seeing in these Flickr albums during the last several weeks.

So the photos in this album are from my birth in Florida through the first year or so of my childhood in Washington — uploaded in reverse chronological order, starting in 1945. I haven’t written any details, because I have no conscious memory of what was happening at the time; and at this point, all of my parents, step-parents, and grandparents are gone. Yes, I do have five wonderful sisters, all of whom share various memories with me; but I’m the oldest of the brood, so I have no siblings with first-hand information about what I was doing for the first year or two of my life.

All I have are the photos that you see here. But they do tell a story, and that’s why I think it’s so important that you track down all of your own photos and preserve them somewhere for the generations who will follow after you.

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