Consider Any of These Non Alcoholic Date Ideas

Single men and women may want to consider any of these non alcoholic date ideas, going out on a date should not always involve alcoholic drinks. Alcoholic drinks may either hide or reveal the true personality of your date. It has become a common practice to include alcoholic drink in most dates, just do not drink too much of it because you and your date may have an awful time. As much as possible, you should plan a date wherein it would not be necessary to consume alcohol. It may seem like the old-fashioned dating but you can have a good time together without sipping any alcoholic drink.

Dinner Date less Alcoholic Drinks

A dinner date should not always be combined with alcoholic drinks so instead of ordering one you may choose something that is exotic. Better yet, you can prepare a home cooked meal for her and not go to a restaurant. You would not only be spending less but she would surely be impressed on your efforts to make your date special. However, if cooking is not your ability then you can bring her for a relaxing coffee-and-dessert date.

Plan an Outdoor Activity

Doing outdoor activities is one of the non alcoholic date ideas that you can enjoy. You could either do something that really interests you or you may want to do something that you have always wanted to try. For instance, you can go hiking, horseback riding or something that is more adventurous than the typical “dinner-and-movie” date.

Do Kiddie Activities

You can become a kid once again during your date. Visiting a video arcade would test your skills once again in video games. You can also ride a bumper car or play miniature golf. Who knows you may both discover that you can become pro athletes like Michael Schumacher and Tiger Woods.

Quiet Walk under the Moonlight

It is considered as one of the most romantic date ideas to stroll in the moonlight. It is certainly romantic to hold hands and gaze at the stars as you talk about so many things. You may even get to steal a sweet kiss under the moonlight. The romantic ambiance will make her knees feel weak.

Go to Carnivals or Street Display Fair

This is definitely one of the cool first date ideas that you can do. It is like reliving your childhood days where you get to enjoy crazy rides and pig out on foods such as hotdogs and other junk foods. This is a good way to gauge your date’s capability to handle silliness and how she can deal with the crowd. This type of date is definitely fun and a real clean fun too because there is no alcohol involved.

You and your date can have fun without consuming any alcoholic drink during your date. There are just so many dating ideas that you can do without the need for alcohol. Even though drinking alcohol may soothe and calm your nerves to remove the first date jitters; it should not always be that way. If you have consumed too much alcohol you may be put in a very compromising situation, to avoid such then simply consider these non alcoholic date ideas.

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